Hey all,

I'm tidying up my sites at the moment, and in particular, making sure my images are SEO optimized.

I've heard that it's a good idea to use your target keyword for your image alt text.

My question is: how many images should you use your keyword for in the alt text?

For example, if you have four images in a post, should the alt text be the same thing, or should you only do it for the featured image?

Thanking you in advance for your advice and thoughts.

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emilyonline Premium
thank you both of you for the advice :)
CTisby Premium
Anytime. Always willing to help, especially a pretty lady ;)
CTisby Premium
I use the same keyword in the alt text for each image. 4 images in one post, same keyword for each. I believe that's how it's instructed in one of the training videos.
jvranjes Premium
You can use it for every image as long as you provide a bit more information. So it cannot be only keyword. Around 7 words is ideal, but you can put more. I always have many images and I add such alt-text.
There are couple of videos of Matt Cutts from Google on this.