WA has Black Friday. Are there ever any similar jaaxy deals? I'm having fun playing around with it, as it's pretty addictive. But right now there's no need to upgrade. However, I probably will at some point in the future. So, just wondering if it's best to wait for a deal or if the pricing stays the same year round.

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JewelCarol Premium
I will be great if there is also Black Friday for Jaaxy. :)
Christabelle Premium
As Nathaniell has said right now there are the yearly discounts.
nathaniell Premium
I think they give yearly discounts for both pro and enterprise memberships.
islandcat7 Premium
Just like anything else. Jay deals and WA year memberships will go on discount. This is a big business.
Michelle04 Premium
Jaaxy is so new, I haven't heard of any deals there. That would be great though, wouldn't it? :)