I started a website in the "home recording studio" niche about 3 months ago. However, I feel like I've begun to expand by including a larger variety of products.

For example, I would imagine that creating a website exclusively about microphones is possible... But is there any disadvantage in dealing with more (computers, instruments, accessories)?

Technically speaking, each post has its own independent ranking, no? Does variety of content affect overall rankings on Google?

I may be overthinking this, but I was hoping to hear some of your thoughts.


- Stefan

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AmberJoyful Premium
I think that it's a great idea as long as you make sure you give the relevance to it. Make sure that the content is within your niche.
Also, regarding ranking, I found that it was helpful to create a site map and submit it to Google to help in indexing your articles.
With what you are doing "Home studio" I could imagine you could even put in something about wallpaper or how sound varies with wall padding.
Hope this helps,
cstefan96 Premium
Hey, thank you so much. These are some great tips!

- Stefan
JKulk1 Premium
No. As long as you can associate the piece of equipment with your niche it's fine. I don't know anything about a recording studio but I'd assume you would need a computer. Jim
cstefan96 Premium
That's reassuring, thanks for the advice Jim!