Seeking experienced marketers' opinion:
Let's say you want to start an affiliate site in the niche of Guitar Playing (Just an example).

In the competition analysis, you found there are sites with domain authority (according to SEMrush checker) 30-50-ish. And they are mostly music schools site with a blog section. There aren't too many blogs or affiliate sites.

Is it still worth digging into this niche and create an affiliate site where competitions are mostly schools or product companies' sites?

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keishalina Premium
hey hi Gavin ... super question and as Kyle has mentioned ... any niche can be a successful one ... and there's plenty of room for all of us ... i think it truly comes down to of how you present the 'special unique treatment' of your selected niche ... and only you can do that!

Remember to build deep and focused (narrow) on it at first, to develop your online authority and then, once you've got an interested audience, broaden thoughtfully to scale your online biz to fruition and more success ...

Does that make sense to you?

All the very best, cheerio ... :)
siamjerry Premium
I typed in guitar playing into Google and got almost 600 million search results, which is way too many. You should narrow it down to e.g. guitar playin for beginners or something similar.
TheRealGavin Premium
Guitar is just an example. The question is about if it's worth digging the niche if there aren't many affiliate sites but most competitions are schools and companies' sites.