I often find keywords in Jaxxy tht have low traffic but zero competition and great KQI and very high SEO. Are these Keywords worth my attention and would they qualify as "low hanging fruit"?

Thank you

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itbeats4you Premium
I've personally had quite a bit of success targeting low traffic keywords. For the first year of my websites existence I solely targeted low traffic/low competition, long tail keywords. Not only did I eventually rank very well for these keywords, but I discovered that they continue to stay non-competitive because most people (competition) don't bother with them.

Eventually as your site ages and grows you can start targeting more competitive keywords and you'll stand a better chance of ranking for them.
EdwinBernard Premium
Don't gettp hung up on Keywords. Focus on good content. It will rank for organic keywords within your article, in addition to the assigned keyword. The Keyword is just the launching point.

Jay Neil has given webinars on this topic. You may want to check these out.


roysinOnline Premium
Good question. I do as Phil does as that is what I have understood from the OEC training, As Deven says below every bit of traffic matters.

I will check out AbieJ´s link to refresh my memory.

AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi, you may want to review below link
baughsten Premium Plus
You are the best! Thanks for the reply....
philmedia Premium Plus
My portfolio is built on them think big fish small pond...if you build enough of them your overall traffic starts to build good luck 👍. .
baughsten Premium Plus
I like the fishing analogy. Thanks for the reply....