I am about to build a new site about tourism, with a key highlight being places of historical significance as well as hotels, car rental and stuff like that (the money making stuff). Can anyone suggest any good themes for this?
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donrw059 Premium
Personally I like truepixel which I purchased, great customization features and it is a very responsive theme, also iconic one is a good theme. You can view it in the WA theme park. It also is a very responsive theme. All that means is it can be viewed from any device, which is what you want. Not all themes are called "responsive themes". Know what I mean......
JonLawrenson Premium
hey I'm glad you say iconic is a good option, I chose it almost by default and so far so good for simplicity although I have wondered if there were better tourism themes.
IMc Premium
Best way to do it is look at some travel sites that you know and like the look of. See which themes they use. Do that by putting the URL into http://www.wpthemedetector.com/

That should give you a few ideas. Then try them out and see which works best for you.

I'd focus on magazine themes. Also do a search for 'best free magazine themes 2014' & that will throw out lots of ideas.

If you want a paid theme 'Newspaper' is very popular, easy to customise with loads of options for layouts. ( I've played around with it but not used it on sites yet)
TheOldSilly Premium
I agree with kconway1
kconway1 Premium
I would get a picture of one of the historical places and upload it and give a little history of why it's a popular place to visit. You could also have a cruise ship docking at said historical place. Hope this helps.
WKnoepp Premium
If you're upgraded to Premium you'll find dozens of them. Otherwise, create a WP site independently of WA and search the themes there.