Today, Thursday and Maundy Thursday, are the first day in 5 days Easter holiday here in Iceland like probably many countries.
I have used this day to think (yes, it´s happens!).
Amazon in USA are as far as i know the must used of all Amazon´s so it´s normal to have it in big focus. But there are cons too. One of it is that it only pay with checks which we stop using more than 15 years ago. Which means it cost huge in bank, normal because it is strange to use it as it cost more and are not as secured than simply transform between banks.
So I have for some time seriously been thinking to start a site focus on Amazon in UK. There are a lot of culture and buying difference between USA and Europe. For example for fan of sport clubs it´s seems that they buy mostly of Amazon but here we buy from the clubs or shops connect with the clubs.
So I want to ask, here somewhere possible to see how much buisness are in Amazon in UK vs USA?

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CraigUKTV Premium
Hi Johann, I am an associate (affiliate) with both USA and UK and in my experience I get more sales from Amazon USA (ratio of 5 to 1).

However, it's worth looking at other EStores too like AliExpress who deliver Worldwide plus their commission rates are better than Amazon.

Amazon are probably preferred by customers in USA but for a lot of stuff, they only deliver in USA. I looked at Ebay but their system is useless. I am also affiliated to Geekbuying through Shareasale who are very good.
Noteboom Premium
Hi and thank you.
Yes, sharesale are a place I will use for sure.
5 to 1 it´s a lot. I use personally both because it´s cheaper in the USA but many times it takes very long time to come plus the shipping cost are much more. Even so, I´m sure you are right, the USA part of Amazon are the thing to focus on, even so it´s a big cost for affiliate to use them.
But I will newer use Aliexpress because of a lack of quality.
I haven´t heard about Geekbuying , thanks for let me know. I look at them.
CraigUKTV Premium
Yes I understand about AliExpress. Geekbuying are a merchant on Shareasale so if you sign up with Shareasale you can access Geekbuying.