Hi! I am thinking of selecting a niche called pet accessories but is this too broad? Should I narrow down the focus to something more discrete such as do beds or dog toys for example? If do this, am I not limiting my possibilities?

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Cadillac96 Premium
Thank you all!
SimoninAsia Premium
Absolutely you can do this and I don't think it's too broad or narrow. Remember a niche is a group of people (pet owners?) you're writing to and not a set of products.

So who are you writing to? I'd say pet owners generally.

Pro tip: Don't limit yourself by your domain. For example, don't call your site dogstoys(dotcom) because then a year or 2 when you want to expand to cats beds you won't be able to, then you'll run out of things to write about and limit your earnings! :)
Stanleycmng Premium
Pets are good niche. You may not need to narrow down to product but the type of pet may be more effective. Like dogs versus cats as I would be googling for dog, I would not be interested in cat things.