My girlfriend is a former model, and a SUPER go-getter, as well as cracker jack designer for wedding dresses, and upscale jewelry. I'm a luddite at such things, but I'm trying to turn her on to the advantages, and great money-making opportunities in affiliate marketing.

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RodneyJHous4 Premium
is it possible to clone a already successful web site with niches intact?
billyghawaii Premium
Yes it is possible, however, if you want to do this to double your exposure be weary of the fact that many have tried this in the past and Google has a way of finding out. You may be penalized by being removed from indexing/ranking if Google suspects your motives. Algorithms are changing all the time to keep the search engines working well.
dalwhu Premium
I think you have a good niche there howeverbidvtarget weddkng accessories to affiliate to unless people buy wedding dresses online now?

Jewellery and weddings are big business so it should do well