Hi Kyle,can i use all amazon links to my website,related to my niche?
Can i do it now?Btw,i wont be luncining my site until i finished my training.

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Nick149 Premium
as you progress with your training you will be publishing articles on your blog. so it wont be a case of not launching your site until you have finished. its an ongoing. best to wait until you get to that part of your training.
GSorgic Premium
Ok,thank you for a good advice.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - this is far too soon to think about adding affiliate links. As regards Amazon, you have to meet their target of 3 sales in 180 days, which is difficult to achieve until you start getting daily traffic.

Your website has not even been found by Google yet, so it is not in its search engine. This is called indexing and can take up to a month. You will get an email when it happens.

At this stage, you need to concentrate on writing posts for your website. When you have about 15 posts, you can then start applying to join affiliate programs such as Amazon.
GSorgic Premium
Thank you,i have already signed up for amazon affiliate program 10 day ago.
I will listen to your advice and create posts.