#1 at Google but no Love from Yahoo or Bing, Why?

I have used the SiteComments feature here at WA and that is what I credit my jump from #90 to #1 at Google.

Why haven't Bing and Yahoo noticed?

Are they just slower than Google?

I guess I may know in a day or so if Yahoo and/or Bing rank my post.

Thank you Friends for any suggestions, questions or comments.


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jvranjes Premium
Sorry to disappoint you but this is not real ranking, Try incognito in Google and without quotes. What you are showing is quoted search result.
khoula Premium
Hi there,

Sorry to bother , but how do we know the exact ranking of a post?
Thanks in advance!
EddiePicasso Premium
Congratulations on the Google ranking! We all love a success story. That is proof that the WA way works.

I want to say that did read that Bing and Yahoo are slower at crawling the sites.
mikegsaiz Premium
Tony, mine is just the opposite. I rank number one on Bing and Yahoo and page 14 on Google. Go figure. I guess we just keep plugging away with consistently good content. Take care.

verazhelvis Premium
There have been a discussion here recently about Google and Bing ranking algorithms. Mainly remaining a riddle, still looks like Google puts mote emphasis to great content, and Bing is more into SEO things. I will try to find a link to the article.:)

PreshusLove Premium
Congrats on being number one on Google! I have no idea how Bing and Yahoo do their business. I just figured people don't use them as much so it takes longer?? ( I make up stuff when I don't have an answer.) But it's a great question to pose and I'll be interested to see what answers you get.
TonyHamilton Premium Plus
Thank you Jaime,

I do love your answer my Friend so hopefully Bing and Yahoo will catch up soon and maybe I'll be #1 at all 3 :)

That would be nice but I'm not going to count my ranking yet and/or hold my breathe either.