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November 27th, 2018.

I first joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2009. I left due to various commitments and then returned in January of 2018. I have had a few ups and downs since re-joining.

However, I am making continuous progress - not as fast as some folks but I am gradually getting there.

The best news for me at this point is I have a superfast website and I have a reasonable foundation with 80 blog posts.

I have also received a few sales. That goes to show that the system does work. All my new referrals need to read these threads and you will see exactly what it is you can do with the training here.



Just copy & paste them into your browser.

Starting in January 2019 I need to complete the training modules (I fell behind) and ramp up my posting. Depending on how fast I move forward I may be able to write similar threads in the not too distant future.

I don't like to rank in the top 200 at WA. I have been there before but I try to avoid it now. I like to work quietly behind the scenes if possible.

I also do not wish to be a WA Ambassador at the moment. My opinion is once I am successful here at WA (meaning this is a full-time income) then it will be time to give back as much as possible.

Many of you will find out the longer you are here that rank doesn't necessarily mean one is financially successful or an expert in affiliate marketing.

However, it does usually indicate the folks are very kind, giving and participate on a regular basis within the community.

Having said that, this is definitely a journey heading towards a very, very happy ending. I wish you all the best and if anyone needs some assistance please feel free to ask.

Best For Success,

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JMatonge1 Premium
Hey Devan,
Thank you for the follow. I have done you the same favor. be blessed all the way to the point of great success.
RubyCantu Premium
Thanks for the follow and glad to have you back. So happy to hear you've experienced success here. I think the more we hear from others success the more we believe in ourselves.
Kewl Web Premium
Thanks for the comment, Ruby! I hope you were able to read the blogs I posted above. Those guys are way ahead of me.

Unfortunately, I have had to take a bit of a break due to a family member being very ill.

It always seems I get some good momentum going and then life gets in the way. Wishing you best of luck!

RubyCantu Premium
I hear ya. That happened to me. I'm just getting back myself but challenging myself to stay the course no matter what. I encourage you the same. :)