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Last Update: June 15, 2018

Please Join Marketers Lounge Community Everyone Is Invited!!!

Hello to everyone here @ WA i proudly ask you all to join my newly made community over at Google Plus. We all most likely have memberships there by now and some may not use it that much or find it difficult to reach people on that platform. That is why I decided to create the marketers lounge for every marketer no matter how new or advanced of a marketer you are. Our community relates much to what is done here at Wealthy Affiliate in regard to community.

The Marketers Lounge is a place where we all can share our Ideas and marketing strategies with one another. We can learn from each other and succeed together. I want the community to be a place for everyone without discrimination. We will learn, share and grow together. This community will be a place to make new friends with fellow marketers and have fun in the process. The best posts will be pinned to the top of the communities page and as the community grows and prospers there will be many categories available to post in. I know this may sound like a forum but that's not the goal. This is more of a social community for marketers that can be utilized in the Google plus platform for the public to see and be apart of. I have faith that The Marketers Lounge can be better than forums in its own way once it is grown to it's full potential.

Like any community it needs members so please join and tell all your marketer friends to join as well even if they are not here at WA this is for everyone and of course it is free. This can be truly special once it has the members it needs and grows. I'm very excited to see what will happen with this new community.

Don't hesitate Join Right Now

If anyone here has started their own community and would like me to join please leave a description and link in the comments section and I will be happy to do so.

Good luck to everyone here and please feel free to leave a comment below

To Our Success....

Until Next Time

-Kevin V

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Hi Guys, that's right up my alley. I am serious in seeing this through. Can you tell me what line of info will I be including in my content posts / blogs to make an impressive ranking in SEO.
PS I'm drawing closing to premium. Thanks a lot guys
kevinv91 Premium
once you become a premium member here you will access to a whole lot of quality training but in regards to ranking higher on Google and other Search Engines check out this article on my new site leave a comment on it if it helps you out. The information I used in the article was somethings I learned here along with other places I took the best of everything and put it together heres the URL-

This should help. Let me know what you think and please join the market lounge community in google plus. Just click on the link in my blog post. If you don't have an account just make one, it will be a step in the training offered here at WA anyways. Good luck