Many Questions About PLR and How The ExperienceSuccessful Members Here Utilize Them.

Last Update: July 14, 2018

Hello everyone. I have questions for all of you familiar with PLR products. I just got 5 free downloads out of the blue and was able to choose any 5 products to download that I liked. Usually in order to get the decent new ones you need a premium membership to a PLR site which I do not have. Anyways I picked out some decent ones and my main question is what have you the experienced affiliate marketers here done with plr.

I have a lot of questions and figured this would be the best place to reach most people so bare with me please. If you have any answers they will be appreciated!

  1. Did you use your current website to make a sales page and sell it through that? If you did do it on your current website did you then have an affiliate network sell it for you? Did you send the traffic to your site or have the affiliate network give the download to the customer? I know you can have the network just sell the product for you and you can upload it to them. Would this not direct the traffic to your website?

I thought this might be a good way to get extra traffic while making sales so that question is if you yourself sell the download after for example a clickbank affiliate brings you the customer, would that change give you more traffic versus having clickbank just handle the individual customer downloads?

I know lots of questions but I'm just trying to get the right answers and get a feel for what the successful members here do. This is all so new to me but I can see the value in good PLR products and how money can be made if done right

2. Do you usually just use PLR for bonuses. Ex. getting someone to join your email list which is the basic one I've seen.

3. How do you guys market it?

4. What's your favorite way to utilize plr products?

I told you I had a lot of questions lol.

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TheCatherine Premium
There are some really good PLR sites out there. Any decent PLR writer will have training videos to help you utilize the content. I have many of these videos on my PLR site and if you would like to have access to them free of charge just send me a private message
kevinv91 Premium
hey I will message you now I meant to get back to you forever ago but I was banned for a bit then I forgot.
kevinv91 Premium
Also meant to add do you create a separate website just for that individual PLR products salespage?