Finally On The First Page Of Google!

Last Update: July 19, 2018

Finally I made it on the first page of Google and on the number 2 spot no less. I know it's not a huge accomplishment in the grand scheme of things but it is a step in the right direction. This is my second month here and I'm in a very competitive niche for this site, trying to promote Wealthy Affiliate is what I built the site around.

As many beginners in affiliate marketing know it can be very difficult to get ranked for Wealthy Affiliate (At least for me it is).

My post is on affjobs an affiliate marketing job board that just came out recently. (don't steal my article please lol) It's a very new job board for affiliate marketers that started earlier this year. So if you're interested in an affiliate job with a specific company then read the article and take a look at what they have to offer.

or you can go right to the Affjobs site [Here] Sorry had to remove this link my mistake!!! But the link is available through my site link up above ^^^^^^

But I'd prefer if you read the post and go through there or and comment if you have a moment but its totally up to you.

I have give the credit for 95% of the stuff I've learned so far to W.A. I know without this place I'd still probably be Googling how to make money online and most definitely not have any websites.

I still have a very long way to go but at least I'm making progress and always learning so I feel good about it so far.

one thing I just started trying to implement the other day was some of what I learned in Jay's training "21 Minute Ranking Method in 7 Steps". It's a long video but if your new its worth the watch. I found the webinar through another members training tutorial on here,

One thing I can suggest to new people here is take advantage of the W.A search bar for any questions you have. It's much better took look there first before looking in other search engines in my opinion.

Well I just wanted to post this to say I'm happy about making some progress and to tell anyone else new that they should check out that video.

I wish everyone here luck.

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MikaelM Premium
Be aware that you are not allowed to share affiliate links or links to your own website in WA blog posts. So please delete the links asap
Genelda Premium
Way to go! Congrats.
phollett Premium
Thanks for sharing the video by Jay, and congratulations on making the first page. You are inspiring.
jvranjes Premium
Actually you are number 1 in my browser. No doubt you did something good here.
kevinv91 Premium
that's awesome can't do better than that!!! thanks for letting me know
SweetTLC Premium
Great job Kevinv91!!! It is to a big deal! Every accomplishment we strive to reach for, big or small is a celebration victory! You go ahead with your bad self!!! Tell the world about Wealthy Affoliate, it's the best Online Academy out there....
(TLC) Teresa
kevinv91 Premium
Thanks Teresa! I appreciate the comment and I agree it is a victory!! I'm just happy all the hard work is starting to form into something and i'm making progress. Thanks again SweetTLD