Anyone Who Has The Theme Twenty Seventeen Needs This!

Last Update: July 12, 2018

Hey everyone I'm still fairly new here and just changed my theme the other day. After changing I was looking for a few hours on how to edit certain things in the twenty seventeen theme. Mainly I was trying to add a side bar to my homepage.

After a few hour I finally came across an article about a plugin that adds a sidebar for the theme twnety seventeen but I found something much better!

While searching for the plugin I camer across something called Options for twenty seventeen. It is a plugin that allows you to customize many things much easier in the theme without adding or changing any additional code. I figured I would write a quick blog to help anyone else out who was looking for something similar like me since I did not find any useful info here at W.A on the subject.

Here is an image of what it does:

I hope this helps someone here!

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AlexEvans Premium
Good share Kevin, adding some extra value to that theme.
kevinv91 Premium
Thanks Alex I figured if I had this issue maybe others will too