WA Success! Going To Ibiza!

Last Update: Aug 4, 2015


I just want to keep this short and sweet.

Thank you Kyle, Carson & WA Community because I have been able to treat my family to a holiday for the first time in 10 years!

It's all paid for by the success I have had since joining WA. The training has been immense and there is still so much to learn. I feel as though I just got started.

One of my goals when I joined was to treat my family to a holiday as they deserve it.

I gotta go and catch my flight! :)

Love to you all!


Recent Comments


So glad you could take your family on a holiday, I too will go to the UK with my daughter we want to do the tour of all the haunted castles. So glad to know that I too can make it happen, Congrats again.

Thank you Carol! Hope you enjoy your time in the UK. You must try an go to Highclere Castle where they film Downton Abbey. :)

Congratulations and have fun on your trip. Good to hear this is working for some of us.

Many thanks Harry. :)

Congratulations, very inspiring, I hope you have a lovely time, it's boiling out tree at the moment!

Thank you Ruth. Yes it was really hot. Even the locals were saying it's the hottest for quite some years! :)

Congratulations - that is an amazing success story and well deserved! :)

Thank you Sarah! :)

This is such wonderful news, you certainly deserve it, congrats, Kevin, I hope you and yr family has some great vacation!! ;))

Thank you Carol. Yes we had a wonderful time! :)

That's awesome Kevin, enjoy your vacation:)

Thanks Jazmin. Will do. :)

You're welcome Kevin:)

Way to go! Enjoy!

Many thanks SunnyJ. :)

ENJOY! You have earned it! Waiting for the pictures!

Thank you Loes. :)

Excellent testimonial!

Thanks Edu. :)

Hey Kevin, so nice to hear such great news!
Have a safe and blessed vacation.
Love to you and your family too! ~ Sue

Many thanks Sue. :)

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