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Well it's a rainy bank holiday Monday here in the UK so I decided to focus on email marketing and write an email to people on my email subscriber list. I must say I've had an Aweber account for several years now but over the last 6 months I've not done much with it due to time constraints. So I wrote an email to the great people on my email subscribers list and was pleasantly surprised with the great replies and a few sales! Some were saying they missed my emails and looked forward to getting t
I spent the whole day at Legoland Windsor yesterday with my daughter (these school summer holidays do drag on, help :) ) and I was amazed at how Legoland promote so many things. From upgrading to an annual pass to visit their own theme park for the whole year, to upgrading for a "Merlin" annual pass to visit other places like Madame Tussauds, Thorpe Park, the London Eye, Warwick Castle etc. As soon you buy your ticket at the gate you see promotions everywhere promoting many more things. Their m
August 10, 2014
I read a really good blog post from a top Internet marketing expert recently that really did open up my eyes about the make money online niche. Basically, he was saying that this industry is all about hustling which to a certain extent is true. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Now i get it. Only the strong survive. It ain't easy, this whole thing of being an entrepreneur, working for yourself, working from anywhere, the hustle never stops, yes – you're trying to make money online, buildi
Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent training platform to learn how to earn money online through creating a niche website. I find that am learning new online marketing strategies every day by going through the training. Creating a niche website is great for targeting people who have an interest in your products or services. Since joining I created one new niche website and have also applied the SEO strategies to the existing blog I had in place. The blog posts that I write are getting ranked o
An intriguing thought is that the main value in setting goals is not in their achievement. The receiving of things you want is secondary. The key reason why people set goals is to become the person it would take to achieve them. The greatest value in becoming a millionaire is not the million dollars. Instead the biggest value is the skills, knowledge, dedication, commitment and leadership qualities you will gain by achieving your goals. Building and sustaining an online business is a lot li
June 04, 2014
I read on the goals section here a lot about people wanting to make $500 monthly, $3000 monthly, $10,000 monthly or even $1,000,000 yearly etc but quite a number of times there is no explanation as to why they would want to achieve this or what this would do for them once achieved. I suppose I am asking what is your "WHY?" What would it do to your life if you reached your goals in terms of financial success? I believe it is important to know exactly why you want to start an online busines
May 22, 2014
Google recently started rolling out their Panda 4.0 update which is designed to have a knock on effect against low-quality content. As usual when there is a new algorithm change this impacts some large and small companies. Even the big guns get affected. Interestingly, from their report eBay might be one of the big companies impacted by the change. Here is an interesting ranking update from Searchmetrics, a company who monitor search ranking changes.
May 12, 2014
Hostgator recently did an automatic PHP version upgrade and I believe they upgraded all their customer sites. This may have affected the look of many members sites and one of my site's was affected with the site not showing at all. It can be amended by downgrading to a previous PHP version and they provided instructions on how to do this. The information on how to do this can be found on this link: By following the instructio
It's almost a month since I properly started working with Wealthy Affiliate and what a great month it's been. Learned so much in the process and it's been an enlightening journey. I must admit that it took me several weeks to get going and I was sitting on the fence for a while. I think just by going at my own pace and not getting overwhelmed really helped. Also following the wonderful step by step training has been very beneficial. Most people want the rewards thick and fast but it takes time
So glad I got started with WA. I joined on 11th March 2014 and did nothing for 3 weeks. Maybe I was like a lot of people who start with the $0 Starter Account and do nothing for weeks on end. I did take a brief look through the WA site when I initially joined but found it overwhelming with so much content. I really needed to just submerge myself in the content and take it on. I decided to do this a week ago and upgraded to Premium. I went through the Affiliate Bootcamp training (still got quite