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Building a successful online business takes commitment, focus, motivation, longevity, stamina, goal setting among many other key factors.The rewards can be immense on many levels, not just financially. What's really important though is to not think of your online business as a job.Many folks who get started building their online businesses come from a typical 9 to 5 job. Because of this it's easy to think that when you start creating your website that you'll be paid a wage at the end of the 1st
March 13, 2017
The time has gone so quick that I just realized that I joined WA 3 years ago in March 2014.It struck me today that I have learned so much from being here and it's a testament to Kyle, Carson, Jay and the wonderful community that WA just keeps getting better.You can get so involved in building your online business that you forget how long you've been in WA. :)I've been in this industry full-time since 2002 and seen so many online companies come and go but WA just keeps innovating.This year alrea
I saw this great quote today and just had to share.If you have a dream then never give up. The personal growth is always when you come across challenging times.Many new and experienced online marketers will face obstacles along the way. It's all part of life.Funny thing is, most people give up just before a big breakthrough.Some people give up when they had the big breakthrough because you as a person have to grow as well and if you don't it may feel uncomfortable.The main thing is to keep lear
So the Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference is over. I qualified to attend but unfortunately could not make it due to my mum not being well. I'm glad to say she is much better now and recovering at home.Attending the Conference must be a life changing event for the WA super affiliates who qualify to attend. Those who attend year in and year out have worked out how to get a minimum of 300 Premium sales. But why is it set at 300?For many people who join WA and have been members for a while, 300 m
January 28, 2016
This week is the week of the Wealthy Affiliate Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference and so you may find it quiet here at WA with Kyle, Carson, Jay and rest of those who qualified.I heard from Kyle that I qualified for the Vegas Conference 2016 back in October last year and was all set to go to the Conference this Jan 2016 but can't go.Unfortunately, my mum was taken poorly into hospital and so I stayed here in the UK with rest of my family. My mum is still in hospital but she is improving and h
Starting a new business can be challenging for most people. For many, it is all so different from what they were doing previously.If you are in a typical 9 to 5 job, or just come from an employed background and you venture into affiliate marketing for the first time then you will no doubt be met with uncertainty.It's human nature to feel unsure about anything new and adapting to change is difficult for most people.We all want results fast and to see that the work we put into our businesses prod
I subscribe to quite a number of online marketer's email lists and I must admit I do chuckle at what some of them say. Trying to get me to buy this, or join that.In truth, ultimately that is the main aim for most marketers in the "make money online" niche. They provide a free offer on the front-end so that you submit your name and email address. This way they can then follow up with emails about products and services they promote.Email marketing is a very clever marketing strategy and most if n
August 04, 2015
I just want to keep this short and sweet. Thank you Kyle, Carson & WA Community because I have been able to treat my family to a holiday for the first time in 10 years!It's all paid for by the success I have had since joining WA. The training has been immense and there is still so much to learn. I feel as though I just got started.One of my goals when I joined was to treat my family to a holiday as they deserve it.I gotta go and catch my flight! :)Love to you all!Kevin
I just realized today that it has been over a year since I joined WA and how time has flown. It has been some journey and I feel that I have learned much in that time. There is also much more to learn as online marketing is a never ending journey. It never keeps still, always advancing so you have to advance with it.What can help when starting out is keeping to your initial goals. This is very important as well as setting new goals. Setting goals immediately keeps you focused and one of my ini
I saw this great quote today and had to share... "Anyone can start something. Few can finish. Let's cross the 2014 finish line together this week. Who's going for GOLD?!" ~ Darren Hardy It got me thinking about our own individual journeys in Wealthy Affiliate and building our businesses online. Many people join with the excitement to get their businesses started but few keep going. Those that keep going and in for the long run, maybe for life, they're in the 1%. Yes, it's very few but are