I've just gone premium!

Last Update: January 22, 2015

I only joined up 24 hours ago but was so pleased with what I found after all the scams etc that drained my finances, health and confidence, that I have decided to go premium now instead of waiting the 7 days as intended.

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BNeki Premium
Congrats Kevin. You just made an excellent choice! Lots of support here if you need it.
nathaniell Premium Plus
Hi Kevin!

Congrats on going premium, and I think you will like what you find in WA once you start digging more into the training. There are tons of people that are happy to help you get started and help you navigate the courses as you start out.

Glad to hear that WA made such a big impression on you. Looking forward to seeing your progress in the coming weeks.
kevinmentor1 Premium
Many thanks Nathaniell, looking forward to moving onward and upward!