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Does this sound familiar?You've written an awesome blog on WA....full of laser sharp wit and great information...You go to bed feeling ever so (slightly) smug because you know that all of the folks at WA are going to LOVE IT !!Next morning, coffee in hand and full of eager anticipation, you log into the WA site and scan through the dashboard to find your find it and your heart drops...because not one person has commented on your magnificent blog...The disappointment is almo
Hi Folks 11th November 2015Just for your information, all three of Jeff Goins videos are now up for viewing....this is an interesting series of videos about establishing your audience, deciding on your platform "personality", building your platform and expanding your reach....The link below is to the first video....the others are also listed there so you can reach all three videos from this page.....enjoy... message:-Hi Folks S
Hi Folks....Wealthy Affiliate is all about sharing.....and this is probably the aspect of this site that I find the most attractive.So there I was, sitting at my computer...wondering what I could share with all you good folks out there in WA land, but not really finding any inspiration .....when all of a sudden.....THUNK !!That was the sound of inspiration dropping through my letter-box and hitting the Welcome Mat of my humble abode. To be honest - there wasn't really a "thunk" as the inspirati
Hi Folks...Trying to find the perfect image to use on your profile and your web-site can be a bit of a challenge....I think I look a little pale in this one though....what do you think?Happy Halloween.....:0)Warm regards from the's a little cold here....Kevin
Hi Folks I don't know how many of you are using banners to market Wealthy Affilate?Many people don't like banners - but I like to explore every avenue.Just in case you are thinking of using some of the banners available to you on the WA site.....I wanted to share my experience with you. I have been advertising WA using the banner below, and one other WA banner, since I joined back in August 2015. Not constantly - just when I have had free advertising credits. I have been getting an average of
Hi Folks ! So recently I joined the hallowed top 200 of the WA ranks......I have no idea how this happened but it means that I can no longer keep to the low-profile that befits my shy and retiring persona.....:0)Because suddenly I am getting a lot more association requests from the good people on this site.....and I am working flat out (as in, lying flat on my back snoring....) to reply and click the follow buttons on my new friend's profiles...So if you have followed me - don't panic !! I will
Hi folks.....there is a free mini-course available from Ray Edwards who is the founder of the Copywriting Academy.The course is delivered by Ray in what he describes as 4 "bite-sized" videos....and I found them to be easy to watch. Videos 1 & 2 have their own workbooks that you can download and print out in order to make notes etc. I would recommend doing this because if you are engaged with the videos in this way you will learn more. Video 3 has a copywriting blueprint that you can downlo
September 11, 2015
Hi FolksSo I have taken the plunge and decided to commit for the year...I have not made a huge amount of progress as yet. I have spent the first month taking my time, getting the bare bones of my web-site set up and trying to decide if this is something I really want to do - and it turns out that it is....:0)I know that I am going to have to put in a lot of work in order to build the business that I already have in mind....but that is a truly exciting thought.I also know that I have barely eve
August 14, 2015
Hi Folks Just upgraded to Premium how am I feeling...?ExcitedOptimisticSlightly smug (because I am pretty sure that I have made a great decision)Slightly terrifiedI am looking forward to the whole learning and taking action experience...but previous experience can leave you a little doubtful of your own ability.However - I have only been here a week....hanging out, looking round, taking lessons, messaging all you folks out there....and you know what? I am actually feeling co