Wealthy Affiliate - My Personal Success And Learning Progress

Last Update: May 29, 2019

Hi, dear WA family.

I'm here this evening to let you know about all the progress I've been making during my last 16 days here with you. First and foremost, however, I want to thank you all for helping me out when times were tough. Special thanks to NateThomas7 (I hope you read this) who has given me tremendous support and advice via PM. He does deserve an honorable recognition, as I was ready to quit and leave, but he helped me back on my feet again and made me stay.

And, I did not regret it thus far, either. The dilemma was self-created, anyway, and it all began with me being unable to verify my website with Google Search Console and Bing. Then a couple of other things went wrong, as it always tends to when something starts to go awry. I got frustrated, felt stuck and confused and was ready to throw in the towel. So, "Thank You," Nate, for lifting me up.

Since then, I have verified my website with both. I successfully installed and connected Analytics to my website and backed my website up. I have 19 posts (all well over 1000 Words) on my website, and I am diligently pinning to Pinterest, tweeting and adding posts to Twitter and sharing posts on FB, too.

I'm all fired up into helping people with my website. It's weight loss, nutrition as well as physical and mental health related. I've lost near and dear ones to obesity, diabetes and heart disease, thus, I wish to make a change for others and their families. It wasn't a nice thing to see my loved ones falling into this huge hole and us being incapable of catching them before illnesses took them away from us far at a far too young age. Yes, I'm committed to making a change in this world; and I know that I am on the right track now.

I have learned so much in those three weeks that I've been here, so much which I haven't been gathering with research in a full year's time. I had it since the beginning of last year in mind to create a website. I just couldn't find a program that gave step-by-step instructions and advice on how to do so in less than a couple of days. Simply amazing! Thank you, WA. Thank you, Kyle, for all your tutorials. Oh and also "Thank You," Jay, for all your videos and tutorials which you share with us. You're such an asset to this community; I'm very grateful.

Right now, I'm working to get traffic. I'm wondering if I do something wrong, or if I'm just too impatient. No visitors, no traffic, and, what's more, no followers on Twitter either. I'm doing exactly what the training suggests - still nada! Does anyone have some advice regarding this? And, also how to get more exposure on Pinterest?

My goals are to always have enough for my loved ones and I. We've been through rough times, so I'm working very hard to make huge improvements in all aspects of our lives. Some are even vital for our health. And then, of course, may I always have enough to help others and to be able and make a difference for someone every day. In the meantime, I know that I'm in the best hands here. My cup runneth over...so blessed I feel here.

I'd better get back to pinning posts, writing articles, getting myself some wonderful traffic, etc...

You know, if I can be of any help for anyone, please PM me. I'm not good yet with the copying, pasting, verifying and html stuff, but I've seen people having so many troubles with their niches and what to write about. I have tons of ideas if anyone ever needs some advice on that. I just wanted to let you all know about it.

One more thing: Never give up on your dreams. It's always darkest before dawn. Please, keep this in mind all along your path to success.

Sending blessings, harmony and an abundance of all good things to everyone,


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NateThomas7 Premium
Hey Keryn

Glad I could be some help. It will be a journey, especially with your niche being a tougher one. But I know you will make it.

You are on the right track


KerynS Premium
Thanks ever so much again, Nate. You're my idol here.


Vickic3 Premium
Wow, what a great post-Keryn and if you write your content like this, you are going to fly for sure- Well done
Yes I am glad you stayed - I have been in WA for nearly a year now and I am still as excited if not more excited now as to where this is going to take me, so keep on believing and you will be a great success
KerynS Premium
Thank you so much for your sweet words and praise, Vicki.
I'm wishing you, too, the fulfillment of all your desires. I'm going to follow you from now on, so I can see your progress.

Blessings and a big hug,

Vickic3 Premium
Hi Keryn
You are so lovely, thank you
I am now following you as well
Hugs from me in New Zealand
cramervod Premium
Both success and failure follow you because you need to experience both things to get what you dream. The bigger the dream gets, the harder it can seem.

The more failures you have the better because you learn faster from those things. It's the same for mistakes but they will happen regardless because no human is immune to errors.

Plan for these things, get excited from them and use them to motivate you to do better. Don't forget to use your list of reasons every chance you get to train your mind about what you need.

Never try to do everything by yourself this just puts too much stress on you to be perfect. Step back and observe before you react because it will keep you relaxed.

Speaking of relaxed, make sure you practice visualizing the things you are wanting to do. The mind does not know how to distinguish reality from fantasy.

Lastly, be willing to challenge and dare yourself to take risks. These will make you realize just how far you can go and be the best way to achieve the things which others won't be willing to try.

KerynS Premium
Those are extremely wise, uplifting and powerful words from you; I'm very grateful for them. Seems you're a believer in the LOA as well.
Wishing you the manifestation of all your dreams, too.

Following you to see your success :-)


Coraliej Premium
Best of luck here with WA.
KerynS Premium
Thank you, dear Coraliej.
Very best wishes to you, too.

ixlyn Premium
Thank you for sharing this Keryn!

I have just started out as well and would like to thank you for pushing on! It is great to know that we are all learning but not giving up.

I'm sure we will slowly progress and grow together.

Good luck to you!
KerynS Premium
Thank you for your good wishes. Yes, keep on pushing forward, regardless of what's going on. There's a saying:

"Magic happens when you don't give up,
even though you want to.
The Universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart."

And, you can count on it, that it will give you what you desire if only you show that you TRULY desire it.

Following you now to take part in your success.

An abundance of blessings to you,