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March 07, 2010
Five keys to success onlineHere's my latest video where I outline five keys to success online. I used for the presentation to try something different. Let me know what you think:Kent
Using Twitter for Niche ResearchHere's my latest video that shows how to use Twiiter to find trending niches. Let me know what you think:Kent
Aloha Wealthy AffiliatesWe didn't make it to Vegas this year, but I'm not complaining....Kent
May 07, 2008
Niche Market ResearchI bet you think niche market research starts with keyword tools... think again. If you can find your target market's needs, the keywords will be easy. Take a look over my shoulder as I dive in a bit. Kent
May 02, 2008
Headers Made EasyNeed help building headers for your web sites? Watch my latest video for a pretty simple method:Kent
April 28, 2008
Are You Too Hungry?I just spoke to one of my subscribers who's really having a tough time.  He's tried PPC, he tried Bum Marketing, he's tried some MFA blogs, he's tried it all.  Heck, last week he even went around some neighborhoods in the area painting numbers on curbs. He'd read that you could make upwards of $300/day doing that; he barely paid for his gas.So he asked me why I thought he wasn't having any luck.  It was pretty obvious to me: he'd *too" hungry and is trying too h
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March 22, 2008
Niche Marketing: Niche Market ResearchHere's my latest video that shows one way to find hidden keywords. Let me know what you think:Kent
March 16, 2008
Niche Marketing: Finding Hungry BuyersHere's another video I did this evening. I was messing around with Google Suggest and thought this might be something you haven't seen before.As I said for the last video, let me know if there's something you'd like to see and I'll try to work on it. Kent
March 16, 2008
Just Got HomeWow!  What a great vacation!  We just got home, and I started a load of laundry, so it's time to start getting caught up.  For those who've been patiently waiting for the new bonus, I spent most of the three hour flight finishing it up.  Unfortunately it's on paper, and I missed some transitional material at the end of the electronic version.  So, once I get it all typed in and cleaned up, I'll be sending it out.  Hopefully it'll be worth the wait!This
March 05, 2008
I'm Leaving Friday!I'll be flying out on Friday for my IM cruise and will return the following week.  If you've been waiting for something from me (hint: BANS bonus), I'll be finishing it up on the trip.See you all in a week!Kent