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I guess it's time I joined the "Spaces" crowd!

If you haven't found the magic post that tells my story, I'm a 43 year-old IT professional who's trying to break into the IM world. I have a lovely wife and teenage daughter, a good looking dog and an ugly cat! OK, I'm just kidding Sox. We live in beautiful Northwest Arkansas.

I started this Internet Marketing thing in the summer of 2007, and by the end of the year, made enough that it's going to be painful on the taxes. I'll have to plan ahead better this year. Most of my income comes from eBay affiliate sites using BANS software, but I also make a good deal from BUM marketing as well. Lately I've started putting together some videos; maybe I'll post some on my WA blog.

Sadly, my work doesn't leave as much time for my personal life and hobbies as I'd like. I'm a serious amateur photographer, and I've even won some awards online for some of my work. Unfortunately, I don't remember the last time I broke out the camera for anything but snapshots.

I like to fish, especially in the Gulf, but I don't get to do it as much as I'd like either. I also like to garden; I've found that it clears my mind and lets me focus on what's really important. My other hobbies are reading, computers (of course), golf, hiking, and geocaching. I've also built my own arcade (MAME) that plays hundreds of games, so we have lots of fun things to do to waste time!

During some classes at work a few years back, I realized that my greatest pleasure at work and in life in general is helping others to better themselves. It's great when I hit one of my personal goals, but it's so much better when I can help others achieve theirs. Maybe that's why I love WA so much...

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Marie R Premium
Hi Kent, I am really new to all of this. Have never talked to anyone on the internet before, read a blog, of been part of a forum, so I have a lot to learn. At the moment am having trouble with my site to my anti virus software, Nortons, have to find another, but not sure what to get. I am looking forward to meeting other WA's here, and learning from them. Marie.
AMI3251 Premium
Hi. I'm newbie and joined WA at beginig of April, hope to find my way in IM. I'm running some affilate programes and writing a blog.
BradB Premium
Hey Kent it's Brad here from over on the west coast how you doing?
Just wanted to say I like your "Space" it's the first one I've seen and it has inspired me to do one of my own.
Hope to here more from you, I too am a fan of fishing, I hope you do well.
Bye for now.
B Premium
Hi Kent, it's Bryan or B from vermont. I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed reading your "space". It is candid and from the heart. I am a very newbie. I'm learning computer skills and IM at the same time. who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks?
Buzz892 Premium
Hey Kent, I'm Jeff from Illinois. I'm a 42 year old health inspector and I enjoyed reading your "space". I have been on WA for all of 3 days, this is all very new to me. I am going to try article marketing first, do you have any advice?