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Achieved the following:Your Future is 1-Click Away - Choose Wisely Now Page 1 - Position 1 on 3/28 (Google)Yahoo Page 1 - Position 1 (Past 5 days)Your Future is 1-Click Away/about-kenGoogle Page 1 - Position 3Bing Page 1 - Position 1So the late nights and determination is paying off. I am so lucky to be in WA have the supportof many, many people and I thank all of thecommunity for supporting me. Kyle & Carsonare to be commended for this great platformfor everyone to enjoy.Just have to k
Great News received from Kyle and Carson about the indexing by GOOGLE Position #4, Page 1 Your Future is 1-Click Away/life-lessons. Also, Page 1 - Position 1 on Bing & Yahoo two days running. Your Future is 1-Click Away/ about-ken. All the sweat and tears seems to be paying off and hope that it continues. I give credit to Shirley, my wife of 36 years for putting up with me and to my other family, the Wealthy Affiliate Community who has continually supported me. I can only be humble and than
Communication is defined according to Merrian – Webster Dictionary as a verbal or written message in which information is transmitted. In order to communicate effectively, it is vital to all concerned that accurate information is exchanged between all parties. To alleviate any misunderstanding between parties, it is very important that proper communication take place to avoid any misunderstandings that could cause harm in a personal or business arrangement.The following recommended steps
Who - My life is about to change for the better because of the decision that Ihave made regarding my future in WA and the positive actions taken in this regard: (1) I believe the primary reason would be the hiring of Chris Scott(aka: The Teddy Bear) to mentor me and design my website. I have beenworking with the Bear and he is a positive influence with his attitude andknowledge. Please contact him to see for yourself how he can help. He isa definite asset and let him explain the benefits
Does a habit always lead to addiction?Should all habits that turn into addictions be viewed as negative outcomes?Can a habit turned addictive become advantageous to others in society?The definition of addiction is - the factor condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing or activity. Prime examples of this includes,drugs, tobacco and gambling which are usually viewed as negative.According to Jeanette Swanson in an article for "the fix" on 10/14/14, Shestated: "Most of what we ca
Internet marketing defined as advertising and marketing efforts that use theweb & email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce as outlined below: 1. Web marketing includes e-commerce websites, affiliate marketing websites, online advertising on search engines, and organic search engine results via search engine optimization (SEO). 2. Email marketing involves both advertising and promotional marketingefforts via email messages to current and prospective customers. 3. Soci
Experience is defined as: n. practical contact with and observation of facts or events v. encounter or undergo (an event or occurrence)As a general rule, employers have a very favorable view of the experiencefactor when deciding to select a candidate to fill a vacancy at their company.Many of these employers have either served in the military or are extremely familiar with the methods utilized by the military complex to trainand develop personnel for management positions. Depending upon
Referral - An act directing someone to a different place or person for information, help or action, often to a person or group with more knowledgeor power.Referrals are an essential part of any successful enterprise and their valueshould NOT be minimized. An effective referral program can prove to bea major contributor to the success of any business, especially a relativelynew one just starting out. By establishing a active referral program, thepotential for growth is greatly enhanced.On the
Ego - A person's sense of self esteem of importance.Self confidence - A feeling of trust in one's abilities, qualities, and judgement.If you say someone has a big EGO, then you are saying they are too "full ofthemselves." The signs that this exists are: - finding yourself being defensive - comparing yourself to others - seeking acceptance to justify your EGO needs - showcasing your brillianceEGO is probably in control when the following is true - - that you have view
With so much happening in our daily lives each an every day, it is no wonderthat a person can become anxious and depressed! It happens to many peopleand very often is a serious threat to their overall well-being, if not handledproperly.Here are 10 ways to help alleviate this problem without having to take medication, which is some cases, causes more damage, than good. 1. Limit time on social media (positive and negative) - Used as a casual tool, results are usually positive