Will a 60-pages website outearn a 200-pages site?

Last Update: September 19, 2019

If I was to answer this question in 2017. It would be a huge NO.

It took me 12 months for my first website to hit 60 articles, but with little to no earnings. Apparently, I was making many mistakes along the learning curve.

  • I deviated from what's taught at WA.
  • I did not focus on a certain 'niche'
  • I let self-doubt derail my momentum.
  • And more importantly, I did not 'market' or 'sell'.

I started having a breakthrough after 100+ articles. It wasn't a total success but it's a good lesson on what works and what's not.

Can You Make Money With A 60-articles Website?

At this moment, I'll say that it's a BIG YES.

I started my 2nd website last year, published about 20+ articles and lost focus for a while.

For the past 3 months, I've published 30 articles on my second site.

Last month, I made $70+ on Amazon. Now, my earning surpassed last month's figure with 10 days left in September.

And it wasn't all from the 60 articles. Judging from the traffics, most of the sales happened through the earlier articles published months ago.

What Did I Do Differently?

If the trend continues, I will be earning twice the amount with half the contents, or it could be more.

Here's what I've done differently:

  • I narrow down to a niche and stay focus.
  • I promote products of higher value, (regardless of what you've heard, promoting a $100 vs $10 item makes a difference, and it takes the same effort to do so).
  • I did a thorough competitor analysis. I knew who my competitors are.
  • I have a list of 100 long tail keywords before I started.
  • At least 50% of the keywords are buyer-intent (review, best-of)).
  • I set writing goals.
  • I stop doubting and start doing.

Bottom Line

You can make nothing with a 60-pages website or have some nice income flowing into your account.

But the biggest question to ask is, what did you learn from where you are? Did you grow? or are you staying status quo?

All the best to fellow WA members.


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Benjamin89 Premium
I agree, quality content is what matters with good SEO. If you can hit low competition articles that get traffic. More chances of earning income. I'm on my 55th post and earned over $2000, so it comes down following WA training I believe and not deviating from the process taught here. 😏
KennyLee Premium
Wow. That's really good progress. Thanks for sharing.
AlejandraB Premium
Thanks for sharing Kenny.
ariesight Premium
I think it's a matter of experience. After you learn how to play the game, everything gets easier.

My first site was a disaster. I still want to go back and fix it at some point, but I can understand now that I did a lot of mistakes then.
KennyLee Premium
That's true. It's continuous learning and growing. I'm still keeping my first site. Maybe I'll figure out what to do with it later.
AlanJE Premium
Great information Kenny, good information, Alan.
klchang Premium
What did you learn from where you are?
Did you grow?
Are you staying status quo?
Hmmm ... good questions.
Thanks for sharing, Kenny ... food for thought and ... action.