Obliterated at Google, but 1st Page in Bing, Yahoo & Duck Duck Go

Last Update: November 16, 2019

In Google's haste and zalousness to make search result more 'revelant' to is users, I believe things has gone very wrong for the search engine.

Most of marketers in WA may have felt the Nov 2019 Update, where many websites lost 30%-40% traffic overnight.

In fact, it was several updates during the week that has broken the SERP. If you wanted to learn more about the update. here are some links.

The effect was devatating for websites across all industries, and Google's response of it was a 'routine update' don't do justice.

For this update, one of my sites was obliterated.

Pages that has been on position 1-3 for a couple of years were delegated to page 3-5. Traffic dropped by 40%.

It was a major blow.

It's sufficient to say that previous updates in March and June were not as devastating. At this moment, SEO experts struggle to come to conclusion on what is causing the rank drop.

Google's Updates May Have Broken The Search Result

I spent days trying to make sense of what happen, but there seems to be no logic to the current state of Google search.

'best of' keywords seem to be taken by sites with thin content, but massive backlinks. These sites, like bestreviews, probably depends on aggressive link-building to rank their sites.

Products that are health related, are seeing more info-type articles ranking for transcational terms.

Domains that I've never seen before are suddenly up on page 1. I'm just wondering what made Google decide certain articles are no longer 'relevant' in an instance.

Still Page 1 at Bing, Yahoo and Duck Duck Go

To have all your hardwork of 4 years, yanked away from page 1, is devastating. It's consolation that these pages are still at the top spots in alternative search engines.

Has someone messed up at Google? Is it over-anticipating users behavior? Or are Bing, Yahoo, and Duck Duck lacking behind in search technology?

What Have I Done So Far, Hoping To Recover My Rankings

At the moment of ranking, I'm still seeing fluctuations in the search page. Whatever Google has done, I believe the dust has yet to settle.

I've been analysing competitors that made it to the top, and tweaking a couple of pages towards the direction.

Also, I've found my page speed is significantly below those of the current top rankers. I've found that the themes that I've been using is slowing things down, and switched to a faster one.

Using the Speed Booster Pack plugin has also helped.

It's A Wakeup Call
As a search engine, Google is becoming increasingly unpredictable. In 2019, there are at least 4 major updates that I've known.

It is no longer practical to build an online business that's solely dependent on Google anymore.

Do you lose traffic over the Nov 2019 Google SEO Update? Please share your thoughts with me.

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MarlaineB Premium
Hi KennyLee,
Yes... my "best of" review site got slammed. Traffic down by half, posts that were in the top 3 for months on end suddenly are buried. It's brutal... and of course it has to happen right before Black Friday and the Christmas season... blech. Hopefully it gets turned around soon somehow...
OSegun Premium
Many thanks KennyLee for this post.

The more I try to understand this google ranking stuff and SEO, the more confused I get. The whole stuff is getting complicated.

Well we wait and see in the next few days and week what will come up.

Success to us, no matter.

PaulWatson Premium
I did notice a slight drop.. and conversely some great positions on Bing as well...

Google and Facebook seem intent on overcomplicating everything they touch