I'm recovering 50%+ of lost earnings (Here are what I did)

Last Update: July 12, 2020

In April, most of us who are on Amazon Associates got a rude shock of massive reduction cut in commission.

I've written about my strategies to cushion the blow and I'm seeing some results.

My Amazon earnings dropped from $500+ to $180+ per month. That's like a 64% reduction.

I realized that it's a mistake putting all eggs in the same basket.

And so, I started diversifying and looking for alternative ways to monetize my websites.

I did the following and here's the result.

  • Adsense - $25 per month.
  • Private affiliate programs - $50 (this month)
  • Dropshipping - $125 ( this month)

That's like $200 in total.

I wanted to draw your attention to private affiliate programs.

I only make 3 sales this month, to get $50. The commission rate is between 6%-10%. With Amazons 1% - 4%, I'll need 3 times or more of the products with similar value.

But what's really great about going with other affiliate programs is the longer cookies duration. Most vendors offer 30 days compared to Amazon's 24 hours.

As for dropshipping, it wasn't something covered in WA. But if you're dilligent, you can find information on how to build a WooCommerce store and tap on existing traffic to your website.

I made more than 100% profit per item, and it only took 5 sales to make a gross profit of $125. Of course, you'll have more responsibility in customer service and fulfilment but there are tools that can help.

Greatest lesson in the past 4 months. Never put all your eggs in the same basket, whether it's vendors, traffic or monetization strategies.

Hope this is helpful and feel free to ask questions.


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Jenny28 Premium
Thanks for sharing Kenny. Since Amazon cut its commissions I have learned to diversify. I may just have to look into dropshipping, right now I know next to nothing about it, but I am going to learn about it.
Linda103 Premium
Thank you for sharing Kenny.
I have diversified away from Amazon but not got anywhere with dropshipping yet. Must look into it properly for setting it up, though I have got a UK supplier..
JohaneG Premium
Well done and keep it up.
mikolrrs Premium
Great Post Lee,
Thank you for sharing, I have a question , to a drop shipping am going to download a woocomerce plugin?
Thanks for your reply
KennyLee Premium
Yes. You'll need a Woocommerce plugin.
mikolrrs Premium
Ok thank you, so much I appreciate this.
ValerieJoy Premium
Well done, Kenny, for using your initiative to find alternatives to the Amazon affiliate programme.

I still haven't taken any positive steps to replace the loss of Amazon income, although I do have an Adsense account which is not as profitable as it was in previous years.

Wishing you continuing success.

KennyLee Premium
Thanks Valerie.