Hedonistic Adaptation and Making Progress

Last Update: October 13, 2019

The first sales that you make online is always exciting. The joy will forever be etched in your mind, even if it's a commission of $0.50 or lesser.

It shows that whatever you're working on is working, or at least there's a potential for growth. If you can make a single sale, then surely you can make thousands more.

And you keep up the momentum and progress happens.

More articles are showing up on Google and other search engine. You got traffic on social media and your PPC campaign is bearing fruits.

You start hitting your $50 month, $100 month, $500 month and more milestones. The excitement grows.

But it's only a matter of time before the joy of making your first dollar online subsides. And you start feeling indifferent even if you're making sales every single day.

That's what hedonestic adaptation is all about.

It's our natural tendency to fall back to our neutral state even after significant positive or negative events in life.

Hedonestic adaptation is dangerous. It leads us to feeling frustrated, as we try breaking through to our next level.

It makes us takes for granted that we're having dozens of page 1 rankers, and the consistent hundreds of dollars generated a month.

In a way, hedonestic adaptation can break the momentum of progress.

So, as a reminder to myself, practice gratitude to counter hedonestic adaptatation. Be grateful of the progress that I've been making since 2016.

Be thankful of being able to share my experiences (good or bad) with others.

And be patient because humans always overestimate what they can do in a year, but underestimated their potential in 5 years.

Just sharing some thoughts and wish WA members more growth and success. Don't let hedonestic adapation get into your way.


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AlanJE Premium
Great post, Kenny, Alan.
ExpatMark Premium
Thanks for sharing Kenny. A very good read.
Linda103 Premium
Having been selling crafts for 10 years online, I have to say that even now each sale gives me a thrill, it's wonderful.
Mind you I do practice gratitude on a daily basis, so maybe that is why.
Good post, forewarned is forearmed, thank you Kenny.
DMahen1 Premium
Great post, thank you!
megawinner Premium
Congratulations. Yes, it is exciting I agree.