Google June 19 Broadcore Update Is Coming. Are you prepared?

Last Update: June 03, 2019

Hi fellow WA marketers, I'm going to make this short.

In March 2019, my site was hit by a major Google SEO update, known as the Google March 19 core update. I lost about 40% of traffic (but I've largely recovered since).

I was rather unprepared, as I was enjoying a good run in terms of organic traffic.

Lesson learned, and I'm on the toe looking out for the next major Google Update. and like Google, they are never fond of informing the public when it happened.

Except that they did, this time, less than 24 hours before it is being rolled out.

Google Broadcore June 19 Update will be rolled out 3rd of June. You may notice your search traffic fluctuate, or not.

Either way, Google is improving the relevance in the search result and in the previous one, is about Authority. Ask these questions as you move forward in writing articles.

1. Are you an expert in what you're writing.

2. How do you 'prove' that you're an expert.

Hint; Make your About Me page more elaborate and link to authentic credentials.

3. Is what you're writing relevant to the user search intent? Make sure you're producing the best article available that satisfy the query of your reader.

Oh, and if you're in the Health niche, you'll want to cite very medical claims to authority sources.

No one know what the Google June 19 Update will bring. It may takes a couple of weeks before the dust settle.

Till then, hope your website comes out unscath from this major roll out.


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ExpatMark Premium
Your "hint" is pure gold in my niche of health and fitness. I can prove my credentials. There are alot of people online who cannot.

KennyLee Premium
That's really great. It will give you the edge over others.
BobRoman Premium
Thanks a lot for sharing!

Wish you great success!

ChrisP3 Premium
Thanks for the heads up
DeniseAS Premium
Thank you for this warning. Have a great day,
ToLiNoLi Premium
Thanks for the update, in my creative niche it won't be a too big hassle. :))

Cheers, Stefan, ToLiNoLi