Beyond Coronavirus: What's Your Plans?

Last Update: March 21, 2020

I believe most members in WA are affected in some sort of way by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Regardless of what's your belief and perception of the issues at hand, vulnerable people are dying and the frontlines (doctors/nurses/healtcare officiers) are risking their lives.

My hearts go to the victims and the frontliners have all my support.

With that said, I believe some of WA members are affected in a way or another.

I've read the concern of one WA member about the travel niche taking a beating.

The truth is, the world is in a state of upheaval and it's hard to predict when things are getting back to normal, if there is a normal.

Personally, I believe that things will never be the same, at least for the coming 2-3 years. People's lifestyle, shopping, teaching, learning, commuting, etc will change.

As a WA marketer, I'll be taking these into account for my niche sites. For a start, I'll double up effort in the meditation niche, as there are people seeking calmness amidst the chaos.

My allergy site is showing stable traction, which means people are concerned about keeping their hope clean.

I'll also be keen to explore digital products niches as more people are shifting work to home.

What's your plan heading into the near future? Are you staying status quo or do you have a set direction for you sites?

I'll be happy to get your feedbacks on this.

Practice social distancing and stay safe,


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Talk2Ray Premium
You make a great point Kenny.
While many are concerned about the day to day things this is a great time to rethink our plans.
And most appropriately think about what we can do beyond Coronavirus that will be the greatest help to others.
I am optimistic that this current situation will pass eventually.
While there may be a new normal it is best to think ahead of the game.
Thanks for sharing
Linda103 Premium
To keep moving forwards Kenny.
I think life will change a lot of the lockdowns carry on for a while. Many people will get used to relaxing and having time with their families etc. They won't want to go back to the frenetic life they lived before of sleep, eat, work long hours, repeat.
I think many will see this as a wake up call.
Even more will be buying online for now and may well continue. Many will be looking around from boredom and decide to do online courses.
Those who didn't read much if at all, will now have time and be busy devouring books etc.
The world is ripe for change. Who knows which way it will go.
KennyLee Premium
That's some interesting insights there Linda. Thanks.
MelWaller Premium
Thanks for sharing! I'll keep moving forward no matter how it turns out. Could income drop? Sure. But we have to keep building our foundations and businesses and eventually it will all come back.

Yes there will be many changes. Some good ones to be sure.

Some small businesses will go out of business. Maybe a few large businesses also.

Life goes on.

To Your Success!

KennyLee Premium
Hi Mel,

Thanks for the optimism. We'll just to soldier on regardless of how it turns out.

All the best to you.