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Hello all,Thought I would share a few thoughts as I am now reaching the stage of putting in affiliate links on my site. I have and am joining various affiliate programs and when looking at independent affiliate programs, one of the things I check is the % they pay per successful sale.And so I just wanted to share that having a little patience is really important to this process. Just because a company has a massive name, it does not mean they are offering the best returns..I would love to get s
Hi all, Just though I would share with you that one if content just got indexed by google!I am so happy, when I joined up with WA I read about others on here getting ranked or indexed, I thought that it would take me longer than it has, but I guess if you follow the trading step by step, and believe in yourself you can do great things quicker than you think!Anyway I just want to say if I can create content that gets indexed, then so can anyone. So keep moving forward step by step. And don&rsq
Hello everyone, hope everyone is doing well, I am on my level 3 training and am in the process off joining up to affiliate programs.I would like to know, how many links should I put in each piece of content of let’s say a thousand words or so? I know I should not put too many as otherwise google will penalise my site. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Thanks, Kenny
Hello everyone, I wanted to share a post with you today about one really important part of the WA community, when I first joined one of the first things I noticed was how so many people where striving fit the same thing, even though we all come from different places and from all walks of life. So many people are ultimately looking for control over their own lives, their tome and their finances. And given that so many share the same goal, it not surprising how we everyone interacts. So I have a
Hi all, just wanted to share with you my journey so far with WA.So I have been a premium member for 2-3 weeks now and I am really enjoying the training and and also the engagement with the WA community. I would say the biggest success I have had is just the fact that I can say I have my own website, recently indexed by google and I truly believe in the training and coaching here at WA. The challenges are mostly getting into a routine of always making time for WA on top of having a full time jo
Ok so I thought I’d share my thoughts for anyone who is thinking that they can’t achieve success with an online business, because the idea of YOUR OWN BUISNESS is something that you though other people had. It was something that seemed scary to imagine, actually creating your own website and building something that over time will give you and extra income that will benefit you and your loved ones. Well you know what, if I can five in a tank with sharks, I can create a successful bus
July 11, 2018
Wow! My website just got indexed by google. I still have a long way to go yet but I am feeling pretty positive right now. Just thought I would share it. Thanks Kenny
So in about a week I will have been a member of WA for a month. It ha stone quick. I didn’t really do much for the first week a so was getting a feel for things and deciding to ‘go for it’ as it were. And I am glad I did decide to start my journey to better my life and that if my family. I have already done things I wanted to do for so long in such a short space of time. But I also have a huge amount to still achieve, and that is exciting. I do wonder however, am I where I
Hello all. I was just thinking over. The last few days how I wished I had done more to take control of my future years ago. Where might life have taken my if I had looked to start my own business or other revenue streams 10 years ago?But here is the reality. Looking back at the past is important as it shows us what we should learn from and gives us valuable experience so that we can do better in the future. That being said there is absolutely no point in looking back in REGRET. Whatever is d
Ok so I feel pretty comfortable being part of the WA community and thought I would set myself some initial goals and share with you.I will keep it simple for the first 3.1. I want to keep on improving my ranking at WA and break in to the top 200. And become an ambassador, so I can give back to this amazing community at WA.2. I want to finish my online certification up to level 5. Within the next 2-4 weeks. Should be easily achieved if I put my mind to it.3. After being a member at WA for 90 day