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July 31, 2018
Hello all, Just thought I would add a quick progress update.First off I now have 700 plus followers here at WA! Thanks if you are one of them.Secondly I’m about halfway through my level 3 certification I have created more than a dozen pieces of quality content on my site. For some not too impressive, but for me that’s ok sir far.Thanks,Kenny
Hello all,I am reaching the stage in the training now where i am engaging people more on social media and learning to use this wisely in order to gain more traffic to my site. And as such more people that know me personally will learn that I am going into affiliate marketing via owning my own website. I am quite ok with this, although the questions do arise, what will people think?,will they be supportive?,will they laugh at the idea?The answer is.....irrelevant, because all this boils down to
Hi everyone, I just got another one of my content indexed, I was starting to wonder if google bug didn’t like me lol. So very happy to have that nice surprise to wake up to today. Goes to show this consistency and small steps forward pay off in the end. Keep going people, and good luck !Kenny
Hello WA people.I thought I would share the my thoughts on our training structure here at WA. In my view this training is top notch, not just because it is very straightforward and easy to understand, but also because it challenges you to find things out for yourself, to expand and learn. Although you may be like me at times and grind your teeth in frustration st not being able to do something that looks easy at first. I f you stop and look at what you know and have done, as well as all the gem
Hello all,I was thinking how even if you are not feeling like you are doing a lot or you are just interacting and browsing through WA community, it is almost impossible not to pick things up that you did not know before. It really is a good idea and investment of your time to actively participate in the community aspect of WA. Just make sure you are using your new knowledge to keep on improving your site and visitor experience. Thanks,Kenny
Hi all,I just wanted to say how grateful and humbling it is to be part of such a friendly and helpful community here at WA. I have been so surprised to see how quick people are to respond to questions, or reply to a question.There is a wealth of information here in the training but also there are so many pieces of trading and tips and advice for beginners like me.I really hope I can also continue to conribute to others here too and give something back to this amazing community.Thank,Kenny.
Hi all, I have just finished touching up my previous post, adding I little more detail, changing the font size of the text and placement of pics etc.I have also added 3 pieces of new content this week and might add another today. Truly it’s always good to update previous content to make it more useful and with each new piece of work you churn out, the more comfortable that you feel.So keep plugging away folks. We will all be blogging masters on no time! Lol!Kenny
Hello all WA people,I have learned a great deal already and I was not too happy with my original into or a one of the posts I did before. So I went back and have now finished re-editing and touching them up.Simply put I want th create quality in my posts, I ask what I would think if I was a visitor to my site. Frankly speaking, my intro originally gave the impression I was more interested in selling and only a little interested in helping. And as we know if we have begun working through the tra
July 19, 2018
Hello everyone,I thought I would share where I am and my progress so far.I have just added my first affiliate links and and done my first product review.I am about halfway through my level 3 training and moving nicely.I am truly humbled by the fact I have over 500 followers now and am building a great network here on WA. All in all when I have not completed a month here at WA yet I am very happy with where I am.I wish all of you every success and hope to here of others progress in the future.Th
Hi everyone, Hope everyone is doing well, I was just thinking of how much I have learned here at WA, in such a short space of time. And so I thought I’d come and share.It is easy sometimes to think we are not quite far enough along with our site, or training, it’s easy to become frustrated with ourselves or how the easy tobday activities of life can interfere with our plans.However, if you ever feel like this, just take a few moments to think, really think about how far you have com