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Good day people, Just wanted to share that another one of my content got indexed by google again, it’s one of my earlier works so I was a little surprised that google found it at all. Goes to show you that you have to be patient and consistent and good things will come! And that’s it really, I hope everyone is finding their work indexed, but if your not don’t seat it, just keep on going what you need to do. Follow the training here at WA and keep creating quality content. I
Hello all WA entrepreneurs,I thought I would just give a quick update of where I am at right now. I currently have nearly 950 followers which is fantastic, as it’s a great benefit of this platform to be able to network with other like minded individuals.I am slowly but surely building up my social media profile with the major platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc and I will also be updating everyone on how my foray into using Facebook ads went. Some very interesting results!Bu
Hello everyone, Hope everyone is doing well, I have just started a Facebook business page and I have also taken advantage of the $30 free coupon from Facebook for advertising! I’m promoting 7 different posts, plus my main site and Wealthy Affiliate for a couple of days, targeting different demographics. Good to experiment a bit I think as it’s free!I will let you know of my results and how things go!Thanks and have a good end to the week!Kenny
Good day WA people!Hope all is going well with you, I had to stay up until the early hours of the morning but I promised myself I would get another piece of content done and I did. My first top 10 comparison product review is done! And I don’t think it looks too bad if I do say so myself, although I’m sure as I get better at doing them, and creating content I will be going back and re-editing in the future. Anyway just wanted to share. All the best, and have a great day,Kenny.
Hello everyone,So following on from my previous blog, I had a look at where I’m being found based on google webmaster tools. So from the search terms used, I am a whopping 94th! LolBut that’s just fine as my site is still very young and I have loads to do toMarket my site and drive forward. The point is it’s a starting point. And that’s allYou need to to start moving forward. I mean at least google has an idea I exist now lol.
Hello everyone ,Hope your all having a nice morning, or day depending on where you are in the world.I just wanted to share a nice message I got from the peeps at google today. I’m not getting too carried away as theire is still a ton of work to be done, but messages like this do give you a shot in the arm from time to time. Hope it also motivates others too, because guys if I can have any kind of success here, then you can too. I have been inspired by others on WA and I want to hopefully
August 07, 2018
Hello everyone,Hope your week has started pretty well. I just wanted to share that I have just completed my level 4 certification.I’m feeling confident right now that I am on the right path going forward, although I am under no illusions of how much mote work there is still yet to do.And I’m looking forward to it. All the best, Kenny
August 05, 2018
Hello all,Just a quick update on where I’m at right now. First I’m happy to say I’ve got nearly 800 followers which is just amazing. I am slowly but surely starting to build up more of a following on Pinterest twitter and google plus.I have just put out another piece of content on my site last night. And I am building up the visitor experience bit by bit. But the best part so far is that I’m starting to get some SMALL but consistent traffic to my site. As you can see be
Hello all WA people!I thought I would share where I am so far in my online journey. I’ve only been at this for about 6 weeks, but have a nice looking fully functional website, with content that is slowly but surely growing. And so far I have made a grand total of.....£0.62p lol. Just from site visits and google ads etc. Still waiting for my first affiliate sale but I am targeting that soon. Of course the key is to generate more traffic and improve my rankings in the search engines
August 02, 2018
Hi everyone, Hope your all good. I have been trying to stay really focused on being consistent with my content creation, last night I added a 1,700 word piece and it was my most natural yet..Truly it is so much easier to write on a topic you have experience and passion with. And I got a nice surprise today as google ranked another of my posts! Just wanted to share, and say keep up the great work people. Remember 365 small steps in a year add up to one very big leap forward! Thanks,Kenny