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September 04, 2018
Hello all WA people. Hope everyone is doing well, I thought I’d share where I am after 9 weeks or so as a premium member. So if being successful is in four stages , website, traffic, lead to your vendor and then converted traffic, I’m not doing too bad.I have a website I am still building up each week, I am getting traffic, I am getting click through, I just need to get those conversions sales! But I am sure I WILL get the last piece of the puzzle. I have joined 2 more very well kn
September 03, 2018
Hello all,I just checked my site manager dashboard and I have 10% site trust! That’s a huge shot in the arm for me right now. I was wondering when that would happen, and am really please as my site is only a little over 2 months old! I was wondering is this a typical time frame ? Would love to hear anyone’s comments or feedback. Thanks Kenny.
Hi all WA peeps,Hope your weekends going great. I am just thinking how sometimes we can get too sucked into a routine, after all routine is good, it feels nice and safe. The same could be said for your affiliate vendors. There are so many to choose from that it can be easy to just pick one or two top known brands and that’s it. As you want to hunts atick with the main brands as that feels comfortable. And I’m not saying don’t go with Amazon or Etsy or eBay, just maybe keep yo
August 30, 2018
Hi all, Finally finished my level 5 certification, now to start on all the other useful tutorials and training available, while still improving my site. Lol. I have also done about 20 pieces of content and going strong. Not bad for only a couple of months in. Lol.Keep going forward guys. We will achieve what we dream with action and belief only.
Ok so I decided that as the nice people wanted to give me £75 of free ads credit, I might as well use it. So I have done just that, and I have no idea how successful they will be but when the results come in I will be sure to update you all.Thanks and best wishes,Kenny
August 27, 2018
Hi all WA people, I just wanted to share how things are going. I am slowly but surely getting my site more recognised in the search engines and really enjoying the online journey I am on right now. Really glad to be part of such a great community here at WA and hope everyone is taking those consistent steps forward too. Take care and good luck. Kenny
Hello everyone,Just a quick update of where I’m at with my content. I got another done last night and then had a nice email after early this morning when a previous content has now been indexed.Iit goes to show that the training here works and if you are consistent good things will happen. I have now had 9 pieces of content indexed and that is about half of what I created so far! So pretty happy. Hope you all get some good results coming through to you soon too! Thanks. Kenny
August 19, 2018
Hello all WA bloggers!Just a quick share that my google rank is slowly moving up. I’m at an average of 83.7 now. Still a ways to go to the first page of google, but it’s encouraging to go in the right direction lol. Hope everyone is taking small steps forward too, don’t give up, it takes time to do something worth while, be persistent and we will all get where we want to be in the end. Thanks,Kenny.
August 17, 2018
Hello all, As promised, this is my feedback about my initial foray with Facebook ads. So I placed 9 ads total, with various different criteria for the target demographic. I found the reach far outweighed the interaction, that being said a gained a bunch of new followers to my fan/business page, and I got over 200+ traffic to my site in about 2 days! Wihich can’t hurt right? Bare in mind this was $30 free from Facebook, hence why I was so happy to chop and change demographic search cri
August 16, 2018
Hi all, I thought as social media is such a good tool for promoting our websites I would just pop on here and update you on how my social situation looks right now. Facebook- 287 friends, most of these were before I joined WA. But I am building this slowly.I started a Facebook fan/business page which so far has only 14 followers but I will be putting a big effort to build this page and invite relevant people to join it, I have held off inviting friends to join so far as I wanted to see how man