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December 03, 2015
I recently signed up to post articles within a community blog that has a great amount of trust with Google. I wrote an article for them and it got approved!It's gathered a natural 200+ Facebook shares, that's awesome! Many have expressed their appreciation for the information in the article: is great for my website, all because of the training here at WA! I took the writing & SEO skills I learned here and applied them to a successful
November 20, 2015
Recently, I wrote an article for a major website. In their dashboard on WordPress, I was blessed with a comprehensive SEO checklist! I loved it so much that I kicked the All-In-One SEO default plugin and chose to go with this one instead!If you are new, I'd suggest you focus on the quality of your content before focusing entirely on SEO. However... for those who have been writing for some time now and feel like they can always improve... download YOAST SEO for WordPress!
November 17, 2015
No worries, my friends! To be truly profitable means to rise above circumstance and to elevate your attitude above to physical plane of reality. LIKE attracts LIKE! Stand firm in your goals, desires, and intentions. Never give up :)Getting paid is also part of being human! That which makes the seed grow is that which makes us desire wealth and riches-it is LIFE SEEKING FULLER EXPRESSION!I took time off from WA to gather myself. Now, I'm back with a BRAND NEW WEBSITE! This content can help anyon
November 11, 2015
"If think the way you always think, and do the things you always do... you will get what you always get, and be who you always are."Vague, right? But powerful. So little attention is paid to the undeniable influence of our thoughts. Whether coming from an overwhelmed mind or a place of lack, our thoughts and emotions ultimately determine who we are and how we live.I personally took a break from WA for a few months, but upon my return I have brought a new attitude and sense of trust in myself mo