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I am a happily single mom with a 4 year old boy, we live in a hamlet so small if you blinked driving by you would miss it. I am currently studying full time on line, taking an accounting degree. My goal with WA is to be able to continue my studies full time without having to return to work full time or drown myself in student loans

While I am definitely country I am not a hick! I enjoy everything from driving tractor and chasing cows to going to museums, sporting events, galleries, and concerts of all types. I also enjoy history and art history.

While I haven't been able to travel it is definitely on my bucket list, including Scotland, Ireland, England and the Mediterranean. Love the castles and they are so hard to find here in Canada! I think that WA will be able to help me fund a few holidays in the future as well.

You know what people say . . Go Big or Go Home!!
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Sherion Premium
Hi and Welcome to WA. Best Wishes To You!
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family
Louise M. Premium
Hi and WELCOME to the WA community!
Glad to have you here! :)
bodovan Premium
Hi Kelly!
Welcome on board!!!
Glad to see more and more buddies here...:)
If you need help in any way - let me know... Hopefully I'll be able to assist you with something...
You also are welcome to share any useful information if you want...
Talk to you soon...
Take care,
KellySK Premium
First day at WA for this newbie! If I can get through the second lesson there may be hope.