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Last Update: November 30, 2019

hey hi Wealthy Affiliate bloggers, joggers, wordsmiths, writers, authors, essayists, cyclists, poets, lyricists, creatives, imagineers, push up artists of all kinds!

Well, how's your day going for you?

This post is aimed at helping the world of wordsmiths --- helping you to enjoy and have fun writing better, perhaps !

What is a wordsmith?

A wordsmith is essentially a person highly skilled in the use of words.

A few synonyms could include notables such as: author, creator, reporter, columnist, playwright, producer, composer, originator. writer, critic, editor, novelist, dramatist, correspondent, contributor.

. . . and by the way, what is a synonym someone might ask --- a synonym is a word with the exact or similar meaning.

For example: big, huge, gigantic, large.

A thesaurus is really a 'must-have' for any serious writer -- a thesaurus is a reference textbook that contains groups of similar like words and it could also contain antonyms which are words with contrast or opposite meanings.

Plus, the trusty dictionary is essential to have on hand as another reference book which holds tens of thousands of words containing brief definitions of what they all mean from A to Z.

Yes, the two super tools that are truly useful to have right on your desk as reference material !

Being a creative in the 'word biz' on-line -- it makes it vital to have the most helpful tools at one's disposal at hand and at the ready !

Are you already using these reference texts?

Thanks kindly for reading this post & wish you happy composing !

Enjoy the rest of a fabulous weekend -- all the best to you in the world of Words!

sure -- your clicks of " LiKes" and samples of word polishing would be interesting to see in the reply box below .... cheerio .... :)

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ExpatMark Premium
Thanks for sharing Ms. K. I love my thesaurus, synonym finder, antonym finder and could not make it thru the day without one of your blogs.

Happy in NOLA
keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Markio --- appreciate you poppin' by with your lovey reply!

.... lol .... learning and applying new words are a great brain exercise, ya know!

Enjoy a stunning, Star Sunday ... cheerio-o ... ⭐️😊⭐️
Tmgreen Premium
Hi Keisha,

Wordsmithing (if that's a word) is an art. Some come by it naturally, but others (like me) struggle with it at times.

I always loved the Thesaurus built into MS Word, very handy indeed. Perhaps something K&C can add as a feature update to Site Content someday. That would be cool and very handy!

Have a great weekend!

keishalina9 Premium
*** hey hi Michael -- magnificent to see ya here today! .. always a pleasure to enjoy your company and chat! ....

Wordsmith-ing comes with practice and more practice ... when i first got on this platform -- never blogged before -- got over myself and now it all seems to flow like a 'babblin' brook!' ... lol ...

gotta chuckle to myself here ... :)

yes, do make good use of the good ol' dictionary for new words to understand their true meaning & proper use (so to speak) and i love the thesaurus as it offers such a wonderful variety of similar words so we don't get all 'repetitive' ...

two essential tools for the wordsmith !

keep well, keep happy!

enjoy a Star Sunday .... cheerio-o ... ⭐️😊⭐️ ... ***
keishalina9 Premium
reply #2: ... 'Like' your idea of adding a built-in thesaurus here ... would take a ton of programming likely ... cost-effective to do -- dunno -- whaddya think? ... :)
thelungdoc Premium
Looking Good Keisha - I love how you write with many visual images to break up the content.

You really are becoming a "wordsmith."

I smile because that is how my former boss thought of himself.

Anyway, I digress - good job - keep it up!

keishalina9 Premium
hey hi looking good Dave - wonderful to see ya here today!

yes, there's many, many varied WAys to compose, to draft, to write, to create, to sing, to blog .... and so forth ...

the two best friends of a wordsmith (my opinion only) are the good o' dictionary and the thesaurus! ....

and you're right, once one becomes a true wordsmith, then that's the jumping off point where it actually becomes fun and enjoyable to write, to blog, to comment, to compose ....

enjoy a Star Sunday! ... cheerio-o ... ⭐️😊⭐️ ... !
IkivC8089 Premium
Great Job Keisha!! I love all your visual images, they kept me connected to your blog.
keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Viki --- appreciate you popping by with your roaring reply! .... lol ....

Yes, many adults are visual learners --- glad you enjoyed this post ...

and love your feedback ' kept... connected .. to (the) blog. "
that's wonderful to know!

keep well, keep happy, Viki !

all the best to you -- cheerio-o ..... :)
timstime20 Premium
Just want to thank you for the treasury repository storeroom of information you just left us with
keishalina9 Premium
*** Love libraries! ... they're the true repositories of everything amazing -- and having grown up with my nose poked in books -- it was always a delightful pleasure to find new books to read -- must have read 7 - 8 new books a day as a kid ... lol ....

Reading is a wonderful activity that can be done singly or with someone special .... it's choice, indeed!

Yes, encourage you to make big use of your thesaurus and dictionary to vary your words, especially, adjectives to keep your audience engaged in discussion with YOU!

Appreciate you popping by to enjoy a wee chat together!

All the best, cheerio .... ⭐️😊⭐️ ... ***