Winners Never Quit - Quitters Never Win!

Last Update: November 07, 2019

Hey YOU ! ... yes, YOU ! ... We're talking to YOU !

You've likely already heard of the title saying, " Winners Never Quit -- Quitters Never Win!"

Well, this is for the person who is thinking of quitting and leaving this amazing Wealthy Affiliate platform and returning to nowhere oblivion!

Truly -- do you recall of why you landed on this platform?

Was it to better your life?

Was it to better your life and your family's life?

Was it in the hopes of making money on-line?

Was it to build your presence on-line to communicate with the World?

Or was it to change your life?

Did you know that quitters never win OR succeed?

Well, stick around a bit longer ...

Ask! ... Ask for help! ... Being SHY doesn't quite work ... as most of us have yet to be endowed with telepathic powers and abilities in being able to read minds at a distance, as yet!

Well, certainly the last time we checked ... lots of laughs -- chuckles!

Seriously though --- Know that All questions are good ones here!

You have a world-wide community of members who are ready to jump in to assist you 24/7!

There's your Personal Coach -- your sign-up person who can help you.

Plus, the TOP THREE AWESOME AMIGOS : Kyle, Carson, and Jay! ...

.... most notable on-line personalities around who are at the ready to help YOU ! ....

.... amazingly, you can find them on-line in Live Chat on Super Surprise occasions to answer your queries ! .... they have been known to Pop In simply to help with questions ... or just simply to say hello ....

And of course, YOU also have WA Ambassadors, Top 50, Top 100, Top 200 Helpers Galore!

And many, many experienced members who have been very successful on this platform where ranking isn't a thing for them and yet they are here to help as the need arises!

Lots and lots of Support, Encouragement, and Positive Power of Thought right here on this Powerful Platform of Success!

Yes, it takes effort!

Yes, it takes a lot of learning, and reading, and writing!

Yes, it takes a lot of doing and building!

Yes, say Yes to YOU ! ... the BEST Investment ever --- wouldn't you say that YOU deserve the best?

So here is the Quote of the Day for you to ponder over, muse about:

“When you think of quitting, remember why you started!”

----John Di Lemme. American marketing consultant.

Stay Strong and Be Inspired to Get-Go!

All the best to YOU for every Success, health, wealth, and living in Abundance of happiness & peace within ! ... :)

Thanks kindly for your attention and for reading!

click "Like this' and add a cosmic comment before getting back on the fast or slow track (as you wish) onto the power platform .....

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Joes946 Premium
Keisha, you are amazing! Bubbling over with lots of great motivation! Keep it up and no, I ain’t gonna quit!
keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Joe --- always a delight to see ya!

actually after seeing one too many 'how to cancel' queries in recent days, that's what prompted this post! so ideas and inspiration abound everywhere!

keep well, keep happy!

all the best as ever, cheerio-o .... ⭐️😊⭐️
Joes946 Premium
starfalex123 Premium
Thanks for such amazing post and positive thoughts. Great stuff to win this game one have to be with the winner in WA and the great mind of community members. Outside is for Losers in the jungle keep up the good work. Have a happy Thursday. Fitzgerald
keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Fitzgerald --- you're most welcome!

enjoy a wonderful happy Thursday!

All the best for every Success, cheerio .... ⭐️😊⭐️
CPapin Premium
thanks for the encouragement post; we really have a lot of help, it just requires work and patience as far as we are concerned.
keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Carmen -- wonderful to see you here today!

glad you found this post encouraging for you ---

keep well, keep happy!

and guess what? -- YOU WiN for being an early responder here:

Gold stars + special medal > ⭐️🏅⭐️! ... (virtual)

All the very best to you for every success, cheerio..... :)
DMahen1 Premium
When I read "We're talking to you" I wondered if you are twins. Ha! I wonder about how to ask for help when one is not clear on the question.
keishalina9 Premium
*** hey hi David --- hahetehee! ... lol ... the world's a mystery!

the query was more for those ones hanging on the fence and thinking of tipping and falling over! .... just saw a few too many questions here about 'cancelling' and such so hence, this blog....

and by the way -- we = use of Royal we !.

anyway, you're in LUCK today, guess what?!

YOU WiN for being an early responder to this post:

Gold stars + special medal > ⭐️🥇⭐️! (virtual)

All the very best to you for every success, cheerio-o ... :)
DMahen1 Premium
Royalty, I know it!
Hmp1 Premium
Also, "You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!"
keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Heather --- delighted to see you here today!

Appreciate your wonderful comment & reply -- inspiring!

... and guess what?

YOU WiN for being the 1st responder to this post:

Gold stars + special trophy > ⭐️🏆⭐️ ! (virtual)

All the very best to you for every success, cheerio... :)