Unblock Your Blogging

Last Update: October 21, 2019

What are your biggest blogging blocks?

This WA post is about key tips to unblock your blogging blocks!

Well, how to go about it?

Come along with me to see and to learn your options & solutions . . .

The three top most blogging blocks are: (author's opinion only)

Block #1. Stress -- can be all kinds -- traffic, anxieties/concerns/worries of any kind, of course, could present an adverse condition on one's ability to concentrate with a clear mind to get a blog done and posted ... especially, when one's head hurts, like as in having a headache to bear with ...

Block #2. Environmental factors --- too hot, too cold, too dry, too wet ... any one or all of those conditions affects us all in some way that could lead to less than optimum comfort when we're trying to focus on writing at hand ....

Block #3. Relationship(s) on the rocks -- any and all kinds of human relationships are complex and can be tricky to resolve as it involves 'emotion!' ... no one ever said that feelings were 'rational and logical' now did they? ... it is what it is ... move on ...

How do you fix it?

Solution to Issue #1. Take in fresh air -- walk and get the blood flowing and likely your creative juices will be back in spades for ya -- it works for me! ... plus I find long walks are meditative and almost rhythmic in cadence as we stride over fair distances ... clears the mind nicely!

Solution to Issue #2. Change your couch around -- maximize your spatial appeal by clearing away clutter -- I published a post here about that and a number of members have expressed that this is a helpful measure in 'improving' one's environmental comfort .... please see my WA blog titled, " Re Arrange Your Couch!"

Solution to Issue #3. Try to forgive -- no matter what -- if you continue to harbor any kind of negativity towards someone else -- you are only harming yourself -- don't do that! ... just think of this person as a 'rather sad case' and put it behind you! ... for the good of your health! ...

Hopefully, your unique creativity of mind and words will flow like a clear liquid stream of thoughts worthy of notice to be taken by the world at large where you are making a difference in someone's life! ..

Yes, Make that Difference! ... and Yes, YOU can do it!

Wonderful !

Last but not least -- Drink plenty of fresh, pristine water! ... that also helps to refresh the mind & brain in many ways ---- and you just might get your 'groove' back into the flow of things!

Hopefully, that will have eased any or all or some blocks outta the way for you today, here and now !

Enjoy a plentiful, productive blogging week ahead !

click " LiKe This !" ... thanks kindly ... cheerio .... :)

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keishalina9 Premium
*** re-arrange everything! ... that's great for unblocking! ... ***
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Great tips! I still love the rearranging of the couch the best!!🤗💕
keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Heidi --- delighted to see you here today!

yes, love the re-arranging -- so refreshing afterwards!

all the best, cheerio .... ⭐️😊⭐️
ManojV1 Premium
3 very good reasons for "not blogging" and some good workable solutions.

What about....writer's block? I think that prevents many excellent content creators from publishing regularly. But I guess that is a topic in itself.

PS - you could think of leaving call to action at the end of your posts, like a question or two so that it gives a cue for a comment. Just a suggestion. \ (•◡•) /
keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Manoj --- wonderful to see you here today and appreciate your reply!

writer's block is essentially the same, isn't it? ... same blockage?!

oh yes, the ol' CTA --- this blog was to 'test' to see of how 'unblocked' people are! ... lol ... chuckles! ....

keep well, keep happy! ... 😊 ...
accad Premium
I don't want to say something against it because I really have nothing to say. Why can't I agree, they are traits of a wise person.
keishalina9 Premium
*** hi Jimmy --- appreciate you breezing by with your reply as a 'wise person! ... enjoy a wonderful day! ... :) ***
Joes946 Premium
You always crash through the blog barrier Keisha! Lot of fog out there and you gave some excellent ways to clear the air. Yes, they do work...I have done them.
Thanks as always.
keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Ambassador Joe! .... ⭐️🏆⭐️ .. !

Great to see ya here today with your insightful reply & comment!

"LiKe" your phrase > "crash through the blog barrier!" .. hey that would have been a much better title! .....more drama to it! ....

... and wonderful to here that the posted solutions work! ...

All the best to you as always, cheerio ... ⭐️💎😊⭐️ ...
Joes946 Premium
You got this!