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November 25, 2019
Well Wondering WArriors, Bravest Buddies, Playful Pals, Super Smarts, Cosmic Comets and Stars of Light ...... having to say good-bye ... Saying Farewell is never an easy thing to do when one appreciates the likes and presence of positive energy. Out of the months of blue --- I received a surprise message! ... .... it saddens me to have to communicate that one of our most 'like-able' fellow members who sowed many seeds of love have just sent me one of his seemingly last messages to say that he i
November 24, 2019
hey hi Super Stars, Cosmic Comets, Rare Gems here at Wealthy Affiliate! How are you?The big question is : the WHY? What was the original impetus that drove you here to find and to arrive on the awesome WA platform?... which brings us to Why are YOU here?To make it easier for all of us to answer this profoundly huge question are a few thoughts of wisdom from philosophers and writers of days gone by ----Enjoy these timeless pearls of sagesse ----- sure go-ahead and make it a favorite of yours if
November 24, 2019
“Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week.” ----Joseph Addison (1672-1719), essayist, poet, playwright.Here's to a super Sunday in clearing away any 'rust!'. . . and all the very best for a great fresh start for a Magnificent, Marvelous Monday! . . .Enjoy a wondrous week ahead . . . cheerio . . . :) .
November 23, 2019
"Better days are coming. They are called Saturday and Sunday." –--Unknown.After a long week of everything -- it's time for you to take a wee break !And that's all ok !Enjoy some leisurely moments by giving yourselves a special treat -- ...... whatever that may be for YOU !For instance, for my puppy -- her treats are:And for me:spending quality time in the great outdoors with my best buddy in tow ..... or perhaps just hanging out at your local coffee shop ....or simply chillin' ...whatever
November 22, 2019
A Sure Bet OR are you rolling the dice with Wealthy Affiliate?What's a sure bet?It generally signifies that you're feeling very, very certain and positive about an outcome or desired result such as winning on a gamble in rolling the dice.* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * "Gambling has held human beings in thrall for millennia. It has been engaged in everywhere . . ." ----Peter L Bernstein (1919-2009), American investment economist.* * * * * * *
November 21, 2019
Today's Quote for you to enjoy, to ponder, to escape to, to reflect upon, to keep going!Slowly, Surely, Steadily . . . "It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop." -----Confucius (551-479 B.C.), philosopher.Enjoy your day, today, swimmingly! ... Then, it may go faster for you!
November 19, 2019
hey hi Wonderful WArriors !This is a Surprise Shout OUt to WA member starring --- Mark of Wammark! Just for fun and to enjoy with friends!In appreciation for his lively, supportive comments! Yes, Mark makes brilliant 'bursting with life" replies and includes: "WE ARE BLESSED." When you get a chance to meet-up with Mark on this awesome platform -- send him a greeting and or a high five!Mark is a WA Premium member who joined during the Summer of 2019.He sent me a wondrous reply that said, 'alw
Niche ideas?! ... How to find the best niche possible: it involves creativity and the best of you! ...This Wealthy Affiliate post is aimed more for new members, recently new members, the undecideds, the confused, or ones just in plain search of 'niche' ideas!What the heck is a 'niche' anyway?How is the word 'niche' pronounced?First of all, consider, ponder, reflect upon your 'why?'Why have you landed on this platform?Is it to better your life? your family's life?Is it to help others with a cer
Being a lover of WAlks -- trails, pathways, gentle streams, babbling brooks all fascinate me!I guess it's because the destination and the meander along the WAy has always held intrigue for me!Now -- why is that?Good question!Our blessed WA Ambassador Joes946 has posted about taking flight paths to destinations unknown, however, the catch is you gotta know where you're standing in place before you can do a 'take-off!' Hope I've got that right -- eh Joe?Well, wonderful WAers, do you know where yo
Commitment is a BIG word or is it? ... or is it Action? ... For a lot of people, it certainly is -- it likely brings out some of the most unusual behaviors, especially for commitment-phobics!Well, wonderful, enterprising WA ers, Jean-Paul Sartre, (1905-1980), French philosopher, playwright and literary critic, provocatively stated, “Commitment is an act, not a word."Marcia Wieder, Founder and CEO of Dream University emphasizes ...“Commitment leads to action. Action brings your dream