Last Update: July 23, 2020

hey hi Wonderful Wealthy Affiliate friends, family, members..... this is simply an 'FYI'.... a quick note to say that 'we're moving!'.... and we'll be in the off-line world over the next week or so to get that all done.....

As some of you may recall, we were flooded outta of home about a year ago now ... and we're finally going to fully move, unpack fully, sort and all that to re-settle ... at least for now.....

Would sure appreciate some extra hands to help with all this STUFF!

Anyone own a heavy loader?! .... lol ...

Do you realize of how much stuff you have until you have to UNPACK it ALL?

Anyway, enjoy some donuts while you're helping here ....

Thanks kindly to everyone here for everything ....

Please do keep well, stay strong..... see y'all later.... thanks again.....

cheerio-o .... > > >

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Suzay Premium
I'll miss you Keisha!! Use a permanent markers all of you , writing words like KITCHEN, extension cords on boxes etc. or other known general destinations or contents, or ownership.

Remember to come back home to your WAmily and tell us all about how it went.
We'll be waiting with the lights on for your return!
keishalina9 Premium
*** thanks kindly, Sweet Suzay .... appreciate all your thoughtful assistance with this 'taxing task!' ... packing/unpacking... love the light that's been left on ... 💡 .... :)

.. & enjoy! .... ☕️☕️ + 🍩🍩🍩 ... zero calories here! ***
Suzay Premium
The real sweetness is our Sweet friend Keishalina.
keishalina9 Premium
.... 😊 ... !
JossLandry Premium
Oh, my God! Someone get me a donut, quickly! They look so yummy. The curse that has followed me all my life, a sweet tooth. By the way, Keisha, from someone who has moved 21 times in my lifetime, I can honestly say that I know how you feel.
Ten of those times were in my childhood. I went to a different school every 1 1/2 years. Even moved from different provinces. My dad kept being promoted, and my mom kept having babies, so we kept moving. I guess that's what gave me that 5-year bug to move. Anyway, the last move we made was from East coast to West coast. And were we organized! I started 2 years prior, selling things, giving things away, storing things we didn't need. When it came time to move I still got stuck with unpacking 240 boxes. Enough said.😍 I will be thinking about you during these next few weeks. Wishing you luck!
keishalina9 Premium
hi Joss... good grief! ... we're in the throes of packing up, clearing outta our host family's place and so-o much stuff in just over a year here! ... appreciate you being here to help commiserate & yes, agree, this packing/unpacking thing just isn't my 'thing!' ... there's gotta be a better WAy! .... lol ...
*** thanks kindly, Joss & enjoy! .... ☕️☕️ + 🍩🍩🍩 ... ***
lesabre Premium
Hi Keisha, glad to hear you found a place. I guess the camper van is out. This sounds like a real solid foundation. I wish I could be there to help.
The donuts and coffee look quite inviting.

Wishing you a safe journey to your new home.
All the best,
keishalina9 Premium
*** thanks kindly, Michael & enjoy! .... ☕️☕️ + 🍩🍩🍩 ... ***
Eunice28 Premium
Move safe Kish
keishalina9 Premium
*** thanks kindly, Eunice & enjoy! .... ☕️☕️ + 🍩🍩🍩 ... ***

and btw, Congrats on your first 1k .... think, believe and you're there! ...

cheerio-o .... :)
ParthaB Premium
Dear Keisha,

I have absolutely no idea what this blog post is about - I just saw DONUTS.

Seriously, where's my donut?


p.s. best of luck with the move and even though moving is oft-quoted as "one of the most stressful events in life", I'm pretty sure it'll be a breeze for someone as happy and delightful as yourself.
keishalina9 Premium
*** hi Partha ... yes, wink & it's done! ... chuckles....

enjoy it all ! .... ☕️☕️ + 🍩🍩🍩 ... ***