Majesty of Autumn

Last Update: September 22, 2020

Today is Tuesday, September 22, 2020.

The first day of Autumn.

This post is simply a visual celebration of the Fall Colours!

Plus, it's to give our hard-working, conscientious Wealthy Affiliate members a wee precious eye break from the electronic screen and to enjoy looking at something inspiring and varied ...

and maybe even spawn new inspiration for a new blog post ...

A visual depiction of the Majesty of Autumn:

Fall usually starts with the change of leaves from Summer Greens to Vivid Reds first . . .

. . . then followed by Brilliant Orange leaves:

and then finally, transformed to Gold leaf . . . lasting 'til the last leaf falls off the tree branch . . .

. . . hope you've enjoyed a few moments of 'eye rest' . . .

for all who have read this post, may you all receive the blessings of the warmth and comfort that the majesty of autumn brings to you in nature's beauty . . .

. . . ok, thanks, and let's get back to the awesome Wealthy Affiliate speedway to Success . . .

log on . . . blog on . . .

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Isaiah14 Premium
Autumn brings out the warmest colors, along the cooler weather- I have mixed childhood memories of my dog and I running and diving into a pile of leaves - but then I have to rake them all back up again 🍁🍂🍃

Thanks for the post!

Isaiah 😊
keishalina9 Premium
... it's ok, Isaiah, in a different time and day, i recall raking up to something like 40 or 50 leaf bags full in the month of November -- all golden Norway maple leaves! .... 🍂🍂🍁🍂 ....

... always good to see you here, keep well,

all the best, enjoy a cuppa ... ☕️☕️☕️ or two ...

cheerio .... 🙂🎉 .....
sadielove Premium
Awesome!! thank you!
keishalina9 Premium
... yes, Awesome ... nature is!
APersinger Premium
Fall is my favorite time of year. No body paints nature quite like God. Thank you for the beautiful images of what is to come.
keishalina9 Premium
... yes, nature is beauty! .... :)
wjames09 Premium
One word: BEAUTIFUL!!!
keishalina9 Premium
。 。 。agree 。。。
keishalina9 Premium
.... a majestic feast for the eyes .... :)