How to scale that WA mountaintop?

Last Update: November 08, 2019

How to scale that Wealthy Affiliate mountaintop?

Is it possible to make it easier to learn and to "do" on the platform?

Here's an interesting ancient proverb -- do you believe this is true?

Discovery is a funny thing and here I found three different attributions for pretty much the same quote:

"All thngs are difficult before they are easy." (Ancient Chinese Proverb-translation)

"All things are difficult before they are easy." (Thomas Fuller, 1601-1681, English author)

"Have patience. All things are difficult before they are easy." (Saadi of Shiraz, 1210-1291, Persian poet & writer)

Anyway, what's the point here?

All to say, is, that climb up the hill or mountain summit, takes a bit of effort!

We can take it easy on ourselves with a step-by-step approach or we can choose to take a running go at it to see of how far and of how fast we can get there!

Which approach best describes your journey here today?

Mine is simply --- slowly, surely, steadily.

Being sure-footed is ok!

Especially in mountain-climbing!

Great to have the super support of the community and especially our tremendous tech. team at Site Support!

Here's to scaling the Wealthy Affiliate mountaintop to Success!

See everyone at the TOP !

It's been said that it's "Lonely at the Top!'

Well, it doesn't have to be --- not without this awesome Wealthy Affiliate Community of members around the world who are available on-line 24 hours a day and seven days a week!

Thanks for reading & click' Like this ' on the WAy back to the platform .....

cheerio-o .... :) ......

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EW26 Premium
I like rock climbing and we are never lonely. There are some really good quotes here too...made me think of the 'How do you eat an elephant?' ... One bite at a time.

Very similar to taking a step at a time. We all learn at different paces and if you have questions you cannot be afraid to ask.
keishalina9 Premium
*** hey hi E --- you've got this! ... appreciate you popping by with your very thoughtful reply and comments.

enjoy a wonderful weekend,

all the best to you, cheerio .... ⭐️😊⭐️ ....

and here, enjoy some yummy cake with fresh berries .. 🍰 .. ***
Jules73 Premium
Love the mountain top breathtaking Keisha.

We are all on different parts of that mountain that's for sure...

The training for me sometimes feels like I'm cantering along, other times it's a crawl - like at the moment...but hey ho I shall get there in the end!

....and as the lovely @Joes946 likes to say "it ain't a race" ...

I'm sure I'll get to breathe in the lovely clean air at the top someday ;-)
keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Jules --- Yes! ... fresh, fresh mountain air! ...

delighted to see you here today --- you're a real gem .. 💎 ... !

thanks kindly for sharing your inspiring reply --

enjoy a beautiful weekend ahead,

all the very best, cheerio ... ⭐️😊⭐️
CordeliaN Premium
My word you have been busy on the WA mountain today,

I think your three guys are spot on, no matter from where’st it came
I think everything is easy when you know how, even brain surgery😉

Thank you for the top inspirational post for Friday 👍
keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Cordelia -- wonderful to see you here today and appreciate your early responder reply!

Gold stars + special medal for you > ⭐️🏅⭐️! (virtual .. lol)

All the very best to you!

Enjoy a fabulous weekend ahead, cheerio ... ⭐️😊⭐️
Stanleycmng Premium
Yes, one step at a time and it gets easier once you get going.

By the way, I watched that mountain goat climb a mountain on a documentary once, you cannot believe how steep they can climb.

For this climb, I got to leave the bicycle at home!

Wish you a great weekend.

keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Stanley --- wonderful to see you cycling by today with your awesome early responder reply!

Gold stars + medal for you > ⭐️🥇⭐️ ! (virtual .. lol)

Congratulations! ... Celebrate it all !

You, too, enjoy a fabulous weekend, cheerio ... ⭐️😊⭐️
JerryMcCoy Premium
Each step of the journey is one closer to the top.
Second to visit.
keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Jerry -- the 1st blog rescuer at the Top today!

Gold stars + trophy for you > ⭐️🏆⭐️ ! (virtual

Congratulations! ... celebrate all successes no matter how big or how small !

All the best to you as ever, cheerio-o ... ⭐️😊⭐️
JerryMcCoy Premium
I did something yesterday that I have not done in a while. I published a new blog to one of my websites. I am starting to get back into publishing on my websites. This is due to the encouragement I have received from you and others. Thank you.
keishalina9 Premium
*** wow -- delighted to hear that Jerry! ... that's tremendous progress --- so happy to know that our encouragement is helping you get back on it to Success! ... all the best, cheerio-o ... ***