Google CEO - who is?

Last Update: October 12, 2019

hey hi Wealthy Affiliate Super Stars, Rock Stars!

We're working a lot with mega-search engine Google and it's helpful to know who runs the show.

We're pretty well-acquainted with the awesome Wealthy Affiliate Co-Owners, Carson & Kyle --- let's meet some of the other on-line personalities who are in the know within the field of business and technology.

With Google fame always in our view -- who is the Boss of Google anyway?

He has a name.

Sundar Pichai. He's 47. Married with two children and a dog.

Makes millions.

Net worth reportedly at $600 million.

Born and raised in Tamil Nadu -- without a house phone.

Parents installed one.

All the neighbors came by to use the phone to call their kids away at far-away schools.

As a result, Sundar became fascinated with the power of technology.

He won a scholarship to study engineering at Stanford and the rest is history.

Hired by Google in 2004 in product development.

Eleven years later, apparently asked to take on the reins by Larry Page & Sergei Brin (Google Co-Founders -- estimated net worth $53.Billion).

Installed as CEO, Google Inc., October 2015.

He's been in the Big Chair for four years.


Do you see any drawbacks to this?

Is he truly a Boss?

Not really, he works at someone else's beck 'n call, doesn't he?

What's next?

Just sharing with you .... interesting I thought .... always curious of what makes seemingly successful people tick .... this is an adjunct piece to "Millionaire-mindedness."

Hope you enjoyed this 'snap-shot' of the Google 'Boss.'

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... uhm ... CEOs? ...
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This was very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
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Good research!
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Good afternoon Keisha,

He probably still sleeps very well after hacking down on alternative medicine.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
keishalina9 Premium
*** hey hi Taetske! ... lovely to see you this fine day!

You've got a good point -- somewhere along the way, his true self became disconnected and got lost ... that happens to a lot who become 'enthralled' with the big material life ...

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You’re totally awesome on your research!
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hi Awesome Ambassador Joe!

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