Finding the best niche: creativity and you!

Last Update: November 18, 2019

Niche ideas?! ...

How to find the best niche possible: it involves creativity and the best of you! ...

This Wealthy Affiliate post is aimed more for new members, recently new members, the undecideds, the confused, or ones just in plain search of 'niche' ideas!

What the heck is a 'niche' anyway?

How is the word 'niche' pronounced?

First of all, consider, ponder, reflect upon your 'why?'

Why have you landed on this platform?

Is it to better your life? your family's life?

Is it to help others with a certain issue or problem that you know you can help solve?

Is it to make this world a better place?

Secondly, perhaps you've had a burning thought, or idea -- a big idea, or a vision?

These thoughts, ideas -- no matter of how big or of how small, visions for improvement --- all need expression from you in tangible, concrete ways.

This amazing WA platform allows for that expression.

What you need to do?

Think back and reflect truly upon what your impetus is -- what is it that drives you to distraction -- and your answer is before you.


Allow yourself to feel the freedom from constraints that may be impeding or getting in the way of your creative flow.

Allocate in real time, whether it's 10 minutes a day, or 10 hours a day, make this time, YOUR time for yourself in a 'quiet zone.'

.... and yes, it needs to be daily -- an everyday commitment of you.

Quiet zone means no distractions.

No distractions -- means just being with you.

Yes, just you, yourself, and your thoughts.

What comes up?

Jot those seemingly unconnected, random, fleeting thoughts, somewhere >> a tablet, white board, pad of paper, blank sheet .....

It may seem like a jumble at first -- or it may only be a few words .... of course, it'll make sense only to you as these words, thoughts, ideas, came from YOU! ...

Try it every day for at least 21 consecutive days .... no skipping!

This will help with your consistency, constancy of effort and will also help you develop the driving, self-propelling skills and abilities so vital to achieving Success!

Keep at it and let's hear from you at the end of 21 days in a blog post here with your findings!

All the very best to you -- 21 days -- see you back in 21 days with your Top Niche to market and to work on!

Let's see the best YOU possible!

Thanks for reading & click 'LiKe this' with an awesome comment to share .... :)

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Jacquie8 Premium
I love your creative approach, Keisha!

I have been waking up every morning for about 4 years with ideas about my big niche... which I have struggled for years to explain to others...

I think it is a superb idea, but as i share it I find that I can't quite explain the value of it to others.

I keep on trying, and I slowly I'm getting more and more connection...

One of the big things I recently realised, is that it has become easier to explain as I shifted my focus from the subject to the audience.

In the mean time, I might work on other niches, and let that one bubble away on the back burner. I'll keep watching it, and adding to it. It just needs a little more cooking time.... my niche of niches.

Best wishes,

John2handy Premium
Solomon says in Ecclesiastes, "There is nothing new under the Sun." No disrespect to to him but the internet had not been invented then. I'm a firm believer that all of the good ideas have not been thought of yet.

It begs the question: Are all the "new" ideas discoveries or creations?
keishalina9 Premium
hey hi John --- super to see ya here today!

uhm -- interesting question you're posing here ....

what's your take or opinion on it? ....

ideas can spin off from other ideas -- like a spiral !
John2handy Premium
Well, I think great minds think alike.

Most of the great thinkers and innovators will confess that their breakthroughs in science or philosophy were an "inspiration". Ultimately it is a quest for truth. The closer we get to the truth, the better the idea.

I know, that sounds a bit heavy, but truth is all there is really. Error or falsehood is only absence of truth. Like darkness is absence of light, Truth must work the same for everybody. 2+2=4, doesn't matter what you "think" about it,

I think you are right on. Ideas, good ideas, will compound. Exponentially.

So, to answer your question, I believe we discover truth, It was created, it existed, a long time before we got here. Our work is to "create" ways to share it.

Marketing is all about finding a need and filling it.
keishalina9 Premium
*** yes, this world is a fascination in of itself! ... all is already known, written about, thought about --- it's in the application of it all, i think, that makes the difference ...

yes, it's of how we apply principles, ideas .... look at all the learning that has gone on before us, look at what's all available to us now, and what's to come as yet ....

we are some of the best creators around .... it's full throttle use of our imaginations to express our creativity as imagineers! ....

ah well, could yak on about this for hours ...

here enjoy some wine 🍷 + 🧀 cheese .... if you'd like ...

off to catch some zzz-zzzs .... keep well, keep happy! ... :)
John2handy Premium
Damnit! That's what I forgot to buy today. Cheese.
aryan1978 Premium
Awesome. Wishing you health happiness and success.

keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Aryan --- thanks kindly for your 'awesome' reply!

All the very best to you for every Success, cheerio .. ⭐️😊⭐️

Look forward to reading your post in 21 days!
JHermes Premium
Another home run. You are talking about my hollow motivation. I have to work and when I get home I want to nap. Then I get up guilty about what I could have accomplished. You are correct about daily work.

When I attended Seminary the Pres. exhorted all students to make a goal to reach at age 55, we were challenged to write 10 pages every day. I shook with his challenge. He died a decade later and I carried his message in my breast today. And I thought I could make a living while I sleep? I even had to buy new glasses to read the small text you' al use. It is worth it. It is actually helping me step out of my depression to act positively. Thank you. Jeffrey
keishalina9 Premium
*** hey hi Jeffrey --- lol ... 'hollow motivation!' ... you're so expressive with your wonderful words! ... chuckles!

Yes, daily does it! ... and Yes, YOU can do it! ....

of course, YOU can!

by the way, you should be able to change the font size of the text on your computer screen! ... somewhere in your settings ....

It's vital to keep well, keep happy!

and yes, we'll see your post in 21 days! .. yes, 21 days!

(well, we'll see you before that of course -- remember to do something every day and allocate your minutes accordingly!)

cheerio-o .... ⭐️😊⭐️
JHermes Premium
thank you soooo much. Jeffrey
keishalina9 Premium
*** you're most welcome -- it's a joy! ... :) ***
Mick18 Premium
That is an awesome plan for all of us. Thanks, Keisha.
keishalina9 Premium
*** yes, it's meant to help members breathe a bit better when coming up with a selected niche to work on -- it's quite an investment of time, energy & resources to get it right and to have one that fuels interest over a good length of time to blog on about ad nauseum ....

let's help everyone get to a better place and to realize their success! .... here's to the top of the summit! ... cheerio ... :)

...and what the heck .. enjoy some wine & cheese 🍷 + 🧀 !