Commitment - is it a word or is it Action?

Last Update: November 17, 2019

Commitment is a BIG word or is it? ... or is it Action? ...

For a lot of people, it certainly is -- it likely brings out some of the most unusual behaviors, especially for commitment-phobics!

Well, wonderful, enterprising WA ers, Jean-Paul Sartre, (1905-1980), French philosopher, playwright and literary critic, provocatively stated, “Commitment is an act, not a word."

Marcia Wieder, Founder and CEO of Dream University emphasizes ...

“Commitment leads to action. Action brings your dream closer.”

Our awesome Wealthy Affiliate Co-Founders, Kyle & Carson, in their genius have built this platform with a process that instills 'commitment' as an essential step that cannot be missed throughout the journey to Success!

Remember it is a step-by-step method . . .

I like what Jim Rohn has to say about commitment -- it is the inner condition that keeps one continuing onward & upward.

Here's his quote: “Motivation is what gets you started. Commitment is what keeps you going.” ---Jim Rohn (1930-2009), motivational speaker and author.

Ya know -- commitment is a big deal in the minds of many.

It's truly a step in the process of getting to one's Success.

... and it's a step that cannot be missed or side-stepped --- for without commitment to self by self for self --- where would one be?

If we haven't made that commitment to ourselves, then, how can we possibly commit to someone else or to something else?

That's why setting goals is vital in helping to keep ourselves on track!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results.” -----Kenneth Blanchard, American author.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

All to say, stay strong and committed to yourself, first & foremost, in your efforts in getting to where you want to be! .... wherever that is! ....

It's amazing of how new possibilities appear before us, once we've made that commitment by saying, for instance, " I'm committed to complete the WA training! ... or I'm committed to build my website! ... or (you fill in a phrase here).

Seemingly all kinds of special coincidences, or magical synchronicities are put into motion by the universe and resources & materials all appear at the right moment in time & space!

No kidding!

Best wishes to everyone, especially to you & to your personal commitment!

Thanks kindly for reading this far along!

sure -- mash the 'LiKe' button and gift a cosmic comment .... :)

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mstewardit Premium
I have never had a problem with commitment. Sometimes I over commit which can be a draw back. I think it has mostly been me expecting the same commitment from others that has let me down in the past.

I no longer expect others to behave in any particular way.

My commitment is all that matters now.

keishalina9 Premium
hi Mark -- yes, it's YOU that counts! .... thanks for your insightful sharing and reply -- much appreciated ... :)
JHermes Premium
Great post. You seem to capture what is important. Like the difference between commitment and action. It reminds me of the idea: if there are 6 birds on the electric wire and they are all committed to fly. How many birds are on the wire? 6. Well, I may have heard that from Jim Rohm. I didn't know he died. Well, we are blessed to have heard him. Sartre, was chair of philosophy in Paris when it fell to the Nazis. He had to decide which side he would commit to. He joined the resistance and eventually joined the communists. He was a very active literary. His action put his life in peril. Great post. I will have to read a few more of you 221 posts. Keep providing us with positive thoughts. Dr. Jeff
keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Doc Jeff ---- glad you enjoyed this post & that it gave you a chance to reflect upon some of the greats and of course, the greats who are here today .... and for the greats to show up in the morrows ....

all the best in positivity .... cheerio-o ... ⭐️😊⭐️
Johnpavich Premium
Great post and sayings😎👌, we humans, are such intricate machines !
When someone can discover the key to unlock the secret to motivating people to strive harder at whatever they are trying to accomplish, whether it be writing more content, being more productive, losing weight, etc.they will become very rich !
I know when things are easy people tend to gravitate to whatever it is .
Look at charge cards, visa ,mastercard, etc.they made it easier for us to spend the money we didn't even have, sometimes too easy🤯.
Look how successful they have been from staring in the 70's roughly to now !

In my life I've seen consistancy accomplish a lot. People I thought didn't have the ability to accomplish what they had set out to do and yet they surpassed the people I thought would have beaten them, cause they consistantly did something everyday to reach their goal, whether they liked it or not.

It's kind of cool when you see it happen in your office.
Then I saw a lot of people who would rather shuffle papers then phone people or knock on doors.
They eventually didn't make it cause they were not making any money.
In sales we had a saying salesperson who cover chair instead of territory is always on bottom ha ha 😜

We tend to do the things that are easier to do it's human nature.
It's too bad we couldn't be like water, water is so consistent it can wear down solid rock !

Water will take the least path of resistance but yet when rock is in it's way it eventually will wear it down, now that's committment!
So, as Bruce Lee said be water my friend be water!

Water can take on any shape and can change to any situation we need to be like water.

Then there are life coaches that help you determine what kind of work or things you like to do.
Maybe this isn't for you ?

Life is a lot easier if you like or love what you do. If you love your job it's not work, how many can say that.
In the end when we get older we have to try and adapt to what is in front of us, try to see the goal at the end of the rainbow, even though you are sitting in front of your computer with nobody cheering you on like the 21 year old Greek young man Tsitipas who heard his name chanted in london today while winning around $2,600,000 , unbelieveable !

So we have to dream big and do the fun work ? Everyday and success will come to those who persevere, do you have any other choices ? If so, what are you doing about it ?
Amen 😎
JHermes Premium
You got it. thanks. Jeffrey
keishalina9 Premium
wow! ... what a lengthy reply -- will need some time to read your comment and return when i can ... thanks kindly ... :)
Johnpavich Premium
Sorry i got carried away and i cut it short ha ha
keishalina9 Premium
... lol ... that's commitment for ya! ... chuckles! .... :)
Tirolith Premium
Actions speak louder than words.

“It sounds like creating a deadline ends procrastination. Create deadlines now and progress will become positive.” Tom Short.

“You are the creation of your success now and forever.” Tom Short.

"There is another word that means the same as hard work and it is called Success." Tom Short.

keishalina9 Premium
... hey hi Tom --- always a pleasure to enjoy your quotable quotes! ....

... hope everything is going ok with you ....

please do kindly stay in communications over the course whenever you feel like it ...

keep well, keep happy!

all the very best to you for perfect health, cheerio .... :)

............ ⭐️🏅⭐️ ! .........
AlexandraT11 Premium
Wow this is fantastic! And so true!

Thank you! I don’t need motivating or pushing at the moment but it’s all new to me and I’m prioritising it over a lot of things. I will read this whenever I have a day where I think I’ll put it off until tomorrow!

I’ve only been here a very short while and I love it already and the community within!

Thanks again!

keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Alexandra -- delighted to see you here today!

... and glad that you've enjoyed reading this post & found it a fantastic read ! ... warms my heart 🧡 to know that ! ....

... enjoy the amazing WA journey to Success, Big Success!

It's also vital to keep well, keep happy!

All the very best, cheerio-o ... ⭐️😊⭐️