2020 with Jay!

Last Update: December 07, 2019

“Life Always Offers You A Second Chance. It’s Called Tomorrow.” -----Rohit Byahut.

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For all who were able to attend the Live Webinar with Jay Neill, Magistudios on yesterday's session called "Affiliate Marketing Success in 2020" --- would know we are already preparing ourselves for 2020 before January 1st hits the new calendar year.

How quickly time has flown!


The main message of Jay's most recent training is 'simplicity!'

K.I.S.S. = keep it simple sweetie!

One column blog posts will do it.

Jay also shared something vital with us. He shared of how close he came to passing away while in the hospital a few years back with pneumonia and Strep. ---- good thing he pulled through, otherwise, we wouldn't have the benefit of his strong teachings with all his technical 'know-how.'

His willingness to share so much of his practical knowledge in detail with us is amazing, especially yesterday's session when he worked with us for well over an hour and three-quarters -- just about TWO HOURS almost!

And this is while he was feeling 'under the weather' with his cap and hoodie on to keep himself warm. This is now his second week 'under the weather.'

For all his dedication -- we need to send some loving support and positive energy back to him for good health!

When you have a few moments, may I suggest that we send Jay best wishes for every Success in Health & Wealth!

Let's all give him a 'thumbs UP!'

.... and a thumbs UP ! ....

..... and another thumbs UP ! .....

..... and how about another ! ...

..... and of course, if we all could give him a standing ovation with hand-clapping applause and a huge SHOUT OUT of BRAVO, BRAVO ! Encore ! Encore ! ....

.... yes, we would ! .... Thanks Jay for all you do for us ! ... You're much appreciated! ...

We appreciate you, Jay Neill ! .... Thank YOU ! ... Thank YOU ! ... Thank YOU !

ok -- Awesome Wealthy Affiliate members ... here's to 2020 with Jay !

Call to Action: please click "Like this" in the green box and add a well wish note of appreciation in the reply box below and hopefully, Jay will read the messages from all of us to him ....
.... and hopefully, he'll feel better for it .....and we'll also feel better for this random act of kindness and support given on-line in this virtual world ...

Thanks kindly for reading and listening! .... and yes to everythng good ....

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Mirzy7 Premium
Very touching post Keisha:) Thank you!

Unfortunately, I missed Jays live class because I was working on an article I really had to complete. Still new so it takes about 2 days..lol.

I will be watching Jay's replay hopefully today:) I can't wait to learn more!! I really appreciate all his training classes!!

Feel better soon Jay!!! Sending positive vibes😊

keishalina9 Premium
*** thanks kindly for your good wishes for Jay ... 🙏 ... ! ***
LindaBaxter Premium
Thanks for a great post, Keisha! You are absolutely right about Jay doing a fantastic job keeping us up to speed on the latest training we need. I add my prayers to yours and everyone else's for Jay's fast recovery and thst he returns to good health. I too am glad his life was spared so he can share light and knowledge along our WA journey.
Blessings to you all

keishalina9 Premium
*** thanks kindly for your good wishes for Jay ... 🙏 ... ! ***
Alketa1 Premium
Hi Keishalina, yesterday session of webinar was great and I believe that every other session that Jay will present us during this month will be very motivated and helpfull for everyone. I wish Jay all the best this Christmas. Hope he will be healthy and happy every day of his life.
keishalina9 Premium
*** thanks for your good wishes for Jay ... 🙏 ... ! ***
WandaSantiag Premium
Omg how right you are. That was my first webinar, and I truly was pumped up afterwards. I even wrote s new blog and shouted out about him too late last night. Lots of good advice and how to's. Mindset! Mindset! Mindset! Just follow the process' don't reinvent the wheel. Kiss! So motivating. Thanks Jay!!!
keishalina9 Premium
*** thanks for your good wishes for Jay ... 🙏 ... ! ***
PaulaSchmitz Premium
You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, Keishalina! I am happy to have told him exactly this last night live and he read it out loud too! :) God kept Jay alive because he has an incredible mission and purpose to fulfill, so he survived traditional medicine :) He laughed saying I was selfish but I AM, I want Jay for WA! :)

I will now send my recipe from holistic, natural medicine to him by PM: a cocktail of echinacea, vitamin C, zinc and other wonders.

Jay, we love you and we appreciate your commitment to show up Friday in and Friday out, you are an awesome digital marketer but most importantly, you are an outstanding person! Thank you :)
keishalina9 Premium
***hi Paula -- so beautifully expressed! ... surely he'd love a 'care package!' ... lol ...

... thanks kindly for your good wishes for Jay ... 🙏 ... ! ***
JeffreyBrown Premium
Way to go, Paula!