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Last Update: July 24, 2018

Hi Everyone !

Just wanted to share and to comment on my experience with The Live Chat. I have found it to be an amazing 'virtual' place to obtain support and to receive helpful answers for our individual progression during the in-depth Wealthy Affiliate training, blogging and web-site development.

It truly is a comfortable space to ask questions and to receive prompt knowledgeable replies on a 24/7 basis. Some have affectionately dubbed it "The Lounge!"

Everyone is welcome to join in, to express yourself and to even relax the brain for awhile. I think though most members are pretty good listeners, too and sometimes they would wait rather patiently for a prime moment to jump in with a comment or answer or two, or three.

The pace is rapid-fire in the chat room most of the time. So, one really needs to stay awake as the treadmill of comments swim right on by very quickly -- so fast as a matter of fact, it's like nanoseconds between interactions!


Simply being present in the chat room is sufficient to learn new ways of doing things, to pick up helpful tips & answers to stored up questions that one may have had and invariably, someone may have been thinking the same thing and ask that exact same question. Funny of how that works!

Voilà! ... the next thing you know, the answer arrives in just the nick of time. Plus, it is very easy to make new connections and very possible to broaden your WA family network around the globe.

Definitely a 'thumbs up' here! And of course, there is often, novel updates on the latest news regarding the internet world that can also be found in Chat. If you have a few minutes to spare out of your busy days, it is worthwhile to check in on Live Chat.

Some might also agree that there's plenty of 'entertainment value' as there are some amusing moments to provide comic relief. It is again, worthwhile, to log on into The Lounge just to enjoy a break from your concentrated efforts and simply to 'hang-out' --


When first coming into the Chat Room -- most will key in (or type in) a quick greeting such as "hi" or announce their entry with "how's everyone today?" This is a very nice gesture that helps others know who's present in the space, like the ol' fashioned meeting rooms or corporate boardrooms (bored rooms) that a lot of us got used to in the paper pushing workplace. Does this still exist? ... I kept feeling so sad for all those trees turned into pulp and paper.

Anyway, most members also like to wave a simple farewell upon leaving the Chat such as indicating - "off to work (blogging)" or "need food" or "ciao." It's helpful for everyone on-line in that moment to be able to either welcome an in-coming member or to send good wishes for the person departing off to shores of another land. It's been pretty consistent so far from the times that I've been in The Lounge. Lovely to Lounge! ... and the beauty of Live Chat - an occasional snooze is possible :)

Communication is Key ... and so are Connections!

With our solo journey in building an on-line business, it is helpful to communicate with others who are all going through a similar experience--certainly the steps are pretty much the same! As they say, "misery loves company," especially when things get a lil' rough -- then again, the "tough get going." Right? ...

When giving someone a helpful suggestion or rather a 'correction' -- it's best to make, perhaps, a bagel filled with lox and cream cheese, so to speak. Try to remember to start off with a nice or good complimentary comment, layer in the 'constructive suggestion' gently, then finish off with the top of goodness to go! It's always best to err on the side of kindness & gentleness.

Having said all that, I must say, the WA platform is technologically superb! ... The visionary genius is evident in all that I've seen so far and still more yet to discover. Technically, I consider myself to still be a 'newbie' and will likely stay in this simple, humble state for the next some period yet to be determined -- might be a lifetime.

Learning is a lifetime project, isn't it? ... Glad to be part of all this happening now at this time. We really, truly are the most blessed, privileged ones around to have access to all that is available materially to us in this time period of 2018.

2018! Yes, time flies quickly and cheers to a full, happy, healthy, wealthy life for All! Every day is a good day to celebrate -- here's a gift of a smile for each and everyone visiting this post! Feel being happy! :)

Thank you kindly for reading this post!

Thanks everyone for all your joyous participation in Chat! ... I look forward to meeting more of y'all very soon! ... See you in The Lounge! ...

All the best for every success, cheerio... :)

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**(Apparently, this is a helpful gesture for everyone all around......tks.....:).

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WendaSue Premium
I'm still technically a newbie. I've been to the lounge a few times most to ask a question. :) I guess I should try to give back a little there, too. Thanks for the reminder.
All the best,
Wendi ;)
keishalina Premium
Thanks kindly, WendaSue TOP100! ... see u in The Lounge soon, too ... cheerio... :)
merlynmac Premium
I view WA was my favorite social network LOL. Live chat is where I spend most of my time (don't get me wrong, I do all the trainings and such). You can usually find me online at least once if not 3+ times every day (unless I'm on vacation).
keishalina Premium
Hi MerlynMac TOP200! ... thanks kindly for your sharing--much appreciated... see u in The Lounge soon...cheerio... :)
merlynmac Premium
I seems like a month ago I was in 30000th place :). Just goes to show how quickly you can climb if you're just online and can help someone out.

See you soon!
Stella2 Premium
Hey Keisha;

Welcome to WA! It is indeed a great place to learn and work. The people are awesome.

I like Live Chat too, but I'm not fast enough or knowledgeable to help all that much. However, I do follow it at times throughout the day to see what's being discussed. I've picked up some great tips by doing that.

And, I do help if I'm sure I know the answer to something. I have had some questions answered too.

All the best to you!
Stella :-)
keishalina Premium
Hi Top200! ... thanks kindly for sharing & helpful to know...all the best for every success, cheerio... and enjoy a beautiful day! :)
EandS2018 Premium
Great read! We thank you so much !
Elaine $ Scarlett
keishalina Premium
You're most welcome! ... Glad you enjoyed reading and appreciate the feedback -- it's a practice run for me to get into shape before the real website is up & will need to blog, and more blog! ... well, so much for morning jogs :) .... all the best, thanks kindly & cheerio... :)
RDulloo Premium
Definitely love the Live chat, though I don't use it as often. I work on my website most of the time. But I do occasionally jump in there to answer any questions when I see somebody has not gotten the answer to it. It is easy to miss because of the flood of chat messages that come through, so don't feel bad if your question is not answered on there the first time... :) Just ask again. Maybe people just missed it...
keishalina Premium
Hi Top100! ... thanks kindly for reading my 'practice' post -- love this platform -- it's really like a mini-internet to try things out in a safe comfy place before venturing into the big 'virtual' world...enjoy a beautiful day! ... cheerio... :)