Good-bye & Gone

Last Update: December 31, 2020

Well, the final day of 2020 has come and it's going, going, Gone! ...

Yes, Good bye and Gone ... thank you ...

The year of 2020 started out with such hope and optimism and it quickly became a very testy year for the whole wide world -- a challenging time for all who needed to change habits and where businesses needed to 'pivot' quickly in order to survive, barely.

Would you say that it's difficult to say 'adios to 2020?

Most, if not all, would say, thank goodness, it's over ...

So, yes, let's bid the year of 2020 a farewell for forever.

The End of 2020.

Now what do we have to look forward to -- that's an easy question to answer -- we can look forward to enjoying a New Year! ...

... Welcome, 2021! ...

With the flip of the calendar page, we live in the hopes that 2021 will bring a brighter year for everyone all over the globe....

With song of heart and light of blue eyes -- here's a quotable quote from ol' blue eyes himself in blessings for the new year of 2021 ...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"The best is yet to come."
--- Frank Sinatra --- and yes, he did it his way!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ok, enterprising entrepreneurs -- you, too, can do it YOUR WAY ...

... right here at Wealthy Affiliate by continuing onward with the awesome training and building your on line business to fruition and to scale it to Success, Big Success!

A big embrace and Welcome to 2021 ! ! !

For all you fortunate readers here this moment, may you all be blessed with health, happiness and prosperity for 2021 and beyond!

Thanks kindly for popping by to enjoy a visit & wee chat together ...

Alright, we'll see you back on the WA platform of highway to Success > > >

cheerio ...

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Suzay Premium
2020 was a new way of seeing both sides of a coin, sort of double vision.
Double vision is a difficult way to end up, and by the end of the year ambling around. Made me queasy, and life was not easy!

Now it is 2021, and I see the whole picture, and an urge to just, cut the distractions, and"Go for it!"
Thank you Ms. Keishalina, <3<3<3,
Calvinator63 Premium

My dear friend I too am glad to see 2020 pass and hopefully, we can say the same about COVID-19.

This virus caught the world with their paints down, Bill Gates in 2004 or 2005 warned everyone that this could happen, no one chose listened to him, therefore were not prepared for it

Regardless we put the bad behind us and maneuver ourselves and our businesses for a great year that starts today!

Plant the seeds now and prosper from them as the year progresses along, now is the time to make the difference in our lives that we want to happen in the future.

May 2021 be more fruitful for you; than any previous year before it,

keishalina Premium
*** Happy New Year, dear Calvin!

Yes, absolutely! ... Sow those wee seeds, nourish & care given, and voila! ... fruition of many & much of everything good! ....

Thank goodness for insightful, helpful people like YOU!

And, indeed, may you enjoy a tremendous 2021, full of joy, perfect health & super prosperity!

enjoy it all, cheerio ... ⭐️😉🎉🎈🏆⭐️ ... ***
Calvinator63 Premium
Thank You, Kind Lady!

And I hope the same for you and your loved ones as well,

keishalina Premium
... same for you dear Calvin! ... 🙏 ...
FrankB-1 Premium Plus
HELLO Keisha!!!

SO glad to have you back!😃😃😃

Happy New Year to you and all our awesome friends at WA.

I’m looking forward to an excellent 2021!

We will vaccinate the world and rid COVID from our lives forever!

Then it’s back to a NORMAL life. Good times with family and friends. Grouping together. Shaking hands. Hugs and kisses. Parties and celebrations. Nightcaps at our favorite bars. Concerts and festivals. Eating out in crowded and happy spaces. Traveling around to all the great places. CAN’T Wait! 🎉🍹🎈🎸🤪

All the best in 2021!
keishalina Premium
*** Happy New Year, Frank!

Wow -- such Energetic Enthusiasm from YOU!

You can likely light up an entire city with your Energy!

Yes, let's Welcome 2021!

All the very best, cheerio ... ⭐️😉🥂🍾🎉🎈 ... ***
FrankB-1 Premium Plus
Yeah, I feel a bit like Nikola Tesla at the Chicago World Fair⚡️💥😊
keishalina Premium
... were you there in 1893 when over 100k lights were lit?! ... :)

then ... sizzle onward & upward to the Big Lights of Success!

cheerio ... ⚡️💥😉 ...
FrankB-1 Premium Plus
No, but I would have loved to have seen the look on Edison’s face!😊
Phearless Premium
Nice quote and very glad to see 2021 to look forward to. Also in this crazy year that we have had I have seen so much good coming from people helping others. I know in my own life my faith has become stronger and I have been blessed greatly for some reason unknown to me ( I can account it to faith) to have been lead here to the awesome WA family.
So enough said have a Happy Prosperous 2021 full of positives everyone
keishalina Premium
hi Phearless Phil & welcome to Wealthy Affiiiate Premium!

Yes, we're all looking forward to a bright, prosperous happy new year of 2021!

All the very best to you for every Success,

cheerio ... ⭐️😉🥂🎈🎉 ....
DonnieNorton Premium
Hi Keisha, thanks for the great post. You are one of the people that has always been there for me and for everybody else. You deserve a great 2021.

I am one of those people that the year 2020 really has not affected. None of my friends or family suffered from Covid 19, in fact, I don't know anybody that has suffered from it. My stepdaughter is a nurse whose main job was to test everybody, so if anybody was going to get it it would've been her.

My income is only from Social Security disability so I didn't have to worry about losing a job. It doesn't pay me a lot but I was able to take care of my bills and have food on the table.

I see all these people on TV that are suffering, standing in line at food banks to get food for their families and I thank God every day that I am not in that position. I wish all the people of the world I happy 2021. Have a great one

keishalina Premium
hey hi Donnie & a very Happy New Year!

appreciate your kudos and actually kudos to you for your 'sticking power!' ... keep at it! ...

yes, everyone needs food for sustenance, so I enjoy helping in the off-line world by doing food / grocery runs (usually once a week so far) for people who can't get out or cook much .... it's pretty rough out there for some as you already know ... so every bit helps as each day goes by .... we're in it for the long-haul ...

glad to hear you're doing a-ok and please do keep in communications, in touch with us here on how you're doing as it's always uplifting to hear of successes, no matter of how big or of how small ... it's the small successes each step of the way that rolls & snowballs up to the big ones!

keep well & keep happy!

all the very best, cheerio ... ⭐️😉🥂🎉🎈 ...